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1 Year Postpartum: Strength Training Transformed This Mom!

Active Moms' Club just wrapped up our Summertime Fitness Challenge last week, and here's how our 60-day program transformed one mom’s confidence, body AND self-esteem. Her story is quite remarkable... SUCCESS STORY: "I discovered Active Moms’ Club three months ago after researching several gyms and realizing that they didn't offer what I truly needed. I didn't want to go into a…
June 30, 2017
Fitness Challenges

Getting Fit Isn’t Hard

It’s no secret that regular exercise along with mindful, healthy eating will yield a healthier body, but it’s much easier said than done. But when you take a little intrinsic motivation, add external accountability and support, these moms lost INCHES from their waistline and developed healthier eating habits along the way—in just 60 short days! “So I've been rocking size…
March 29, 2017