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How AMC’s Fitness Challenge Changed One Mom’s Family

Do you want to know our secret to help women reshape their post-pregnancy body and lose inches from their midline to fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes? Well, okay... it's not really a secret, it's our Fit & Fab Fitness Challenges—our most successful group, goal-based program. We just wrapped up our Fall Fitness Challenge this week, and here's how the 60-day program transformed one…
November 16, 2016
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One Proven Way to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Last night we celebrated the end of Fit & Fab’s 60-Day Summer Fitness Challenge. Three times a year we offer these Challenges as a means to kick-start our mama's’ fitness goals. Celebration at KH Photography – our sponsor for the Challenge. Each mom participating in the Challenge had a personal fitness goal they set out to achieve– from weight loss, to…
July 20, 2016
Fitness ChallengesWeight Loss

How One Mom Became Stronger Than Ever

Seven years ago Aya lost forty pounds and it was a really big deal for her. After her daughter was born (July 2015), she lost most of the baby weight but her body was ‘different’. She was very concerned that she would never feel like her pre-baby self again. That was Aya’s concern before she learned of Active Moms’ Club…
March 14, 2016
Fitness Challenges

Getting Fit & Strong After 4 Kids – Here’s How She Did It!

Active Moms’ Club Get Fit For Fall Charity Fitness Challenge yielded 14 eager mamas ready to re-shape and strengthen their bodies. The Challenge, our most successful group, goal-based program delivered impressive results. For 60-days our moms squatted, planked, lunged, ran, walked, pushed, and pulled their way to discover new found strength — and reaped the benefits of more slender waistlines!…
December 2, 2015