“I love the convenience of AMC’s live-streaming workouts!”

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You’re a smart, busy mama ready to discover what to eat and the right exercise program so that you can feel less achy, have more energy, get in shape and finally have that body confidence you yearn for.

Starting a fitness program and eating healthy should be straightforward tasks, but maybe it feels selfish to take the time for yourself or you don’t even know where to start.

You want a community that supports and understands the exhaustion and overwhelm that comes with parenting, but you don’t know where to find it.

Whether you’re pregnant, a mama new to exercise, or taking your fitness and nutrition to the next level, I can help turn your fitness and wellness aspirations into reality with simple baby steps.

Ditch the all-or-nothing mentality and the belief that you don’t have the time.

I’m here to help YOU get fit and love your body.

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Healthy Moms’ Hangout

The place where moms discover what to eat and the right exercise routine so they feel less achy, have more energy and finally have body confidence they yearn for.

20-Minute HIIT Class

Discover how 20 minutes is a “game-changer” to finally get fit!


Live-Streaming Fit & Fab Small Group Training


Live-Streaming Small Group Prenatal Fitness


4-week course

I am a mom of twins and fiercely passionate to help busy, overstressed mamas take back control and be empowered so they can live a healthier life lead their family by example.

As a spunky introvert, I adore long bike rides and summer. I am a lover of kettlebells, being outdoors, having fun with my family and going on new adventures near and far. I know your struggles. You are not alone! I am here to help you take baby steps to get stronger, eat healthier and incorporate those healthy habits into everyday living so they become a part of your daily routine.

Active Moms’ Club is a great way to meet and connect with other moms and Coach Cassandra is a great role model and friend. She continues to educate herself and us about nutrition and fitness, which I firmly believe is the reason why I continue to find the workouts and programs offered by Active Moms’ Club to be challenging and dynamic.

Lisa Agase

It’s so gratifying to see tangible evidence of my progress. AMC’s program has really helped me stay motivated to make fitness and healthy eating a priority during a physically and emotionally challenging time in my life. AMC is by far the most fun I’ve ever had working out. I’ve never incorporated intensive strength training into my routine before, and I can tell it’s making a difference.

Brienne Letourneau

Coach C really changed my life and made me so much happier with my potential trajectory in my new life with two kids. I had somewhat resigned to the idea that I was just going to be the weight I was, but I’ve found through AMC that there is a way to make being healthy manageable and that it isn’t an “inconvenience” as I saw it before, but an investment in myself.

Christie Bogdan

I have so much respect for Coach Cassandra and her passion to help moms in their journey before and after pregnancies. She is a very special coach. And like me, I am sure there are many other moms who feel very thankful for her guidance and support during these exciting yet challenging times in this beautiful journey of motherhood.

Adriana Jurado

Knowing Coach Cassandra is waiting for me on a Zoom session keeps me accountable for early morning workouts. You continue to get all the benefits of her expert advice and coaching, and the camaraderie of the crew!

Ianna Kachoris

Fitness & Nutrition for Busy Moms