“After AMC’s 20-minute classes, I feel MORE MENTALLY DURABLE and STRONGER. I have greater patience and now I don’t overthink taking time for myself to exercise, it’s necessary for my self-care.”

~ Leah Ray Seid, mom of 2

I know you’re busy and struggle to take time to exercise and care for yourself because I was once there too…



But instead you’re:

1️⃣ Scrolling aimlessly through YouTube to find another free workout (that you can tolerate but not love) and you’re getting frustrated making up new moves when the “fit pro” asks you to do tuck jumps and burpees.

2️⃣ Throwing your hands up in the air, you’re exhausted. It feels like too much brain power to think about what to do… and well, there is no accountability to actually do it, so you do nothing because you don’t know where or how to get started.

3️⃣ Deciding to go to a group fitness class, arrange for childcare, and make the schlep to the gym… the 45 minutes class checks off the box that you exercised but it wasn’t intentional and you’re not seeing results you want.

Imagine if you could unlock your healthiest, fittest self… in just 20 minutes a day!


Whether you’ve been in an exercise rut since having kids, or bumped into the reality that whatever was working before, isn’t working so much anymore…

I can help you break through to your ideal fit self and reclaim your confidence.

Your Fitness & Nutrition Expert.

Former Ironman athlete. Mom of twin, middle-school boys. Lover of sunshine and obsessed with showing women what, when, hot to eat and the right exercise routine for them so they have body confidence they yearn for… at ANY age!

Find out more about me, and how I regained my body confidence at the young age of 45.

Being involved with AMC has CHANGED MY LIFE for the better. I'm STRONGER, FITTER, and better able to enjoy my kids. I love the live-streaming workouts; it's a great way to stay connected and active in the convenience of my own home!

~ Lauren Kofod, mom of two

I love the ACCOUNTABILITY & CONVENIENCE factor of live-streaming workouts. I'm genuinely surprised how a 20 minute workout has changed the way I think about exercise. 20 minutes is doable and I'm seeing RESULTS!

~ Liz Plant, mom of 3

This is the first time in my life that exercise actually makes me feel better. AMC came along at just the right time for me. The environment is so very WELCOMING and ENCOURAGING of ALL fitness levels.

~ Katie Burda, proud mom

Knowing Coach Cassandra is waiting for me on a Zoom session KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE for early morning workouts. You get all the benefits of her EXPERT ADVISE and coaching, and the CAMARADERIE of the crew!

~ Ianna Kachoris, mom of 2

Coach Cassandra is a triple threat! She has empathy for and COMMUNITY BUILDING for women. She has expertise as a trainer and athlete and deep knowledge of the science of nutrition. It's been LIFE ALTERING to be under her guidance.

~ Olivia Roscoe, proud mom

3 Reasons why it’s your time to get fit …

1. Maximize your workout time— you’ll “genuinely be surprised how just a 20 minute workout can transform your body AND the way you think about exercise.

live streaming convenient fitness classes active moms club

2. Unlock convenience and flexibility— discover the convenience of live-streaming workouts without having to coordinate childcare or commute to a gym.

3. Take the guesswork out of exercise— learn different exercises and FUN new circuits that you “actually look forward to and don’t dread”. 

Ready to get body confident and rock your favorite jeans?

(We’re talking just 20 minutes a day… live-stream from your home!) 

Say goodbye to “I’ll start _____ (select any arbitrary day or month).”

Get started with your first FREE workout…

Healthy Moms’ Hangout

The place where moms discover what to eat and the right exercise routine so they finally have body confidence they yearn for.

20-Minute HIIT Class

Discover the convenience and flexibility of a live-streaming 20-minute  workout and how it’s a “game-changer” for busy moms

Small Group Training

Unlock your greatest strength in the comfort of your own home with live-streaming  training sessions with Coach Cassandra

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