Do you struggle to commit to regular workouts? Most of us busy moms assume that a quality, sweaty-good workout has to be a 45-60 minute commitment. But adding an extra hour into an already jam-packed daily schedule is daunting and may even seem impossible.

Then we get stuck in the “all-or-nothing” mentality. So instead, many moms end up doing nothing and the result is staying stuck in a rut, feeling disappointed, exhausted, and lacking body confidence.

But what if I told you 20 minutes is all you need to complete an impactful workout… spoiler alert, that’s exactly what I’m telling you!


With AMC’s 20-Minute HIIT classes, you’ll…

  • Discover how shorter, more frequent strength workouts can support just about ANY fitness or training goals, including (but not limited to) increased strength and fat loss
  • Learn how a 20 minute workout can change your whole mentality about exercise – it’s truly transformative
  • Finally have accountability, motivation and inspiration to make exercise a priority without having to leave your house

These fast-paced 20-minute live-streaming workouts incorporate a combination low-impact and high-intensity, interval-based exercises. There is a modification and progression for each exercise so that every mama is working at an intensity fitting for her fitness level.

(This class is NOT recommended if you are less than 10 weeks postpartum, AMC’s Postnatal Recovery Class is the ideal program to begin your fitness journey.)

20-Minute Hiit-collage

ALL FITNESS LEVELS ENCOURAGED TO JOIN AND WELCOME! The 20-minute HIIT classes move quickly. Exercise equipment is not required to participate, but if you do have light-heavy weight dumbbells you will be prompted to use as desired. Participate as frequently as you like on the days/time that fit your schedule. Classes must be reserved on AMC’s Registration & Scheduling website. ALL classes are LIVE-STREAMING ON ZOOM.

We reserve the right to cancel a session two hours prior without sufficient attendance (minimum two). Participants must be at least 10 weeks postpartum.

Questions? Call or text Coach Cassandra, 773.505-3945 or drop an email,

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