My twin boys are already sixth graders. Wowzer! It’s true, the days feel like a long slog and in a blink of an eye, the next birthday celebration is in the works.

Here’s what I know about you…

You’re a busy woman and your best intentions to be fit, strong and feel like Brie Larson in Captain Marvel is just not happening for you. 

(But I know you have it in you – that’s why you’re reading this)

The answer to feeling like a strong, badass Superhero has zero to do with how much time you have or your level of fitness experience.

The answer is how strong of a SUPERHERO you’re ready to become.

The ultimate Superhero? A fitness expert, of course. 

You’re looking at her. 

With 20 years experience specializing in women’s fitness and a busy mom of twins, I have learned that EVERY MINUTE of intentional exercise and self-care…

Makes you a body-confident Superhero ready to tackle the demands of life. 

Here’s a quick story of this in action. It involves me feeling stuck in a rut…

As an exhausted fitness expert and twin mom trying to make the most of my workout time, I hired a coach to help me make changes to my exercise program and my body.

I knew there had to be a better way to exercise, my wheels were spinning but I felt like I was in the same place year after year— and getting bored with my routine!

With a few simple, strategic changes, dialing in exercise intensity and mindful eating, while dialing down my time commitment for exercise

My waistline shrank and my energy levels soared! 

I was spending less time working out and more precious time with my family.


Yes, I believe putting in consistent work is what ultimately led to my new found body confidence and strength.

But I also discovered some extraordinary a-ha moments on this personal journey…  

  • exercise doesn’t have to be an hour, or even 30 minutes for it to be effective
  • deeply understanding basic movements and utilizing them in different ways
  • listening to my body’s pain points and transforming them into possibilities
  • boosting my consistency by making exercise ENJOYABLE
  • following a format to take the guesswork out of exercise 

Coupling this with my own expertise and experience I brought this new framework to my loyal clients still showing up years later.