I am a mom of twins, endurance junkie, entrepreneur, fitness fanatic, lover of food, and sunshine zealot. I’m a big city mama with small town roots, who is most inspired by helping other women find their badassery through lifting weights and swinging kettlebells. (Haven’t tried it? Let me show you how easy it is and how it will shape your body and mind!)

When I was leaving for college my dad said, “Don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life.” I’ve been pushing the boundaries ever since.

As an overweight youth, bench warmer in high school and recreational exerciser in college, I was never mindful of fitness or nutrition. At 29, I landed in Chicago and discovered my passion for fitness after hiring a personal trainer. He introduced me to weights (What!? Women in the weight room!) and inspired me to train for my first ever road race, the Chicago Marathon! That was my first taste of any type of endurance event and I’ve been hooked ever since, completing two Ironmans and countless shorter triathlons and road races. I’ve also continued to work on self-improvement through various courses and certifications including Russian Kettlebell Certification and my Precision Nutrition Certification.

I was inspired to make my footprint in the fitness industry, and after seeking numerous certifications, I eventually left my full-time gig as a graphic artist. Active Moms’ Club was born in 2003 and will forever be my ‘first baby.’ Ironically, AMC was born before I met my husband and had children— that’s how passionate I am about working with moms.

The physical and emotional struggles of motherhood are real. I know the pain and exhaustion of going through two years of fertility treatments and the challenges of caring for TWO newborns. AMC was my support network— my inspiration to be a mother. And AMC can be your supportive community too.

My goal is to help you bridge the gap between your pre-pregnancy self and mother. Amid the exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed, you know your old self lies within. Now is the time to find the new stronger, fitter, healthier version of you! And I will help you— whether you’re pregnant, a mama who is new to exercise, or someone who’s looking to take your personal trainer fitness and nutrition to the next level.

Ditch the all-or-nothing mentality and the belief that you don’t have the time. You have to take the time to make yourself a priority. I’m here to help YOU get fit, love your body and regain your self-confidence.

Thanks for digging deeper to get to know me. I’m so glad we connected and very excited for your fitness and nutrition journey ahead. When I’m not training clients or working on content creation, you can catch me swinging bells or in the parks with my boys.