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Biceps, Babies & Buggies Season Opener!

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Biceps, Babies & Buggies Chicago 5/8/13

Today was the perfect day to kick-off Biceps, Babies & Buggies, and the 90-Day Fitness Challenge sponsored by our friends at Kolcraft. And to celebrate, Kolcraft hosted the first of four summer picnics for our moms to come together and mingle.

Our moms showed up for class ready, willing and eager to workout and to feel the burn – moms may be feeling the burn tomorrow! Typically BBB’s class size is capped at 12 moms plus babies so that every mom gets the attention she deserves. Since today was our ‘season opener’ we had 18 women participate, and 11 moms had babies less than 12 weeks of age! I’m very impressed with these new moms and their desire to get back into shape. AMC will help you achieve your fitness goals!

Biceps, Babies & Buggies Chicago 5/8/13

New moms working hard while the little ones were content.

Because we had a large class, Coach Raegan and myself divided the moms into two groups. Raegan took the more seasoned moms, and I worked with the newer moms. Everyone had a challenging workout. Yes this is a fitness class, you will sweat and perhaps curse your coaches. Don’t let the term “Stroller Class” fool you.

The first 35-40 minutes of class focuses on strength and conditioning, and cardio intervals. For the last 10-15 minutes all of the moms are lead to the Emerald Gardens inside of Oz Park to complete the core-conditioning segment of class. While at the gardens, the little ones are welcome to come out of the stroller and hang out with mom while she finishes class.

Biceps, Babies & Buggies Chicago 5/8/13

Core conditioning exercises inside the Emerald Gardens

Biceps, Babies & Buggies Chicago

AMC’s favorite gal!

When class wrapped up, Kolcraft was on hand with Potbelly sandwiches and tasty beverages. Moms had the opportunity to view some of their products, including their newest Contours Bliss Stroller, and to sign up for their ‘Mom Matters’ group where moms can provide input and feedback on products in development, like strollers and activity centers. Thank you Kolcraft for your generous support!

Kolcraft Chicago Contours Stroller

Thank you Kolcraft for your generous support!

Want to see what AMC clas is all about? Any mom is invited to take a test drive, for just $10. To learn more and to register for classes, visit

The 90-Day Fitness Challenge is designed to create a friendly attendance competition amongst AMC moms all the while helping to achieve their fitness goals. Click here to learn more about the Challenge.

Join our community, AMC is more than fitness.