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Bittersweet Farewell & Grand Prize Winner Announced

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It’s bittersweet for Active Moms’ Club outdoor fitness classes and the Summer Fitness Challenge to come to an end this week. Where did the summer go? For the last five months our dedicated Biceps, Babies & Buggies moms sweat it out through a lot of hard work. They were rewarded with weight loss, friendships, monthly picnics, and prizes!

Moms Stroller Fitness Class

AMC moms always work hard!

Mom & baby in the park

Proud new momma!

Mom & Baby in park

Thanks for joining AMC classes this summer!

A giant thank you to our moms, Kolcraft, Coach Megan and Coach Raegan for making the season a huge success. Since May we had over 65 moms attend a BBB class. The majority of moms were alums from another AMC class or a previous BBB season. We had over 340 visits, and between seven moms they attended 113 classes! One mom power-walked four+ miles round trip to get to every class – that’s dedication to her health and wellness.

2013 is the second year Kolcraft sponsored BBB’s Summer Fitness Challenge, and it was a tremendous success. The Challenge was designed to create a friendly attendance competition amongst AMC moms all the while helping to achieve their fitness goals. Every participating mom received one prize entry every time she worked out with AMC. Those who attended at least 12 classes through the end of the season were entered to win the GRAND PRIZE, a 2013 Jeep Jogging Stroller!

Drum roll please…Congratulations to…



Grand Prize Winner - Jeep Jogging Stroller

Congratulations Megan, I hope your family gets much use out of your new Jeep Jogging Stroller!

“I love Biceps, Babies & Buggies, I’m in better shape now than before I my pregnancy.”
“I have just 6-pounds to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight, thank you.”
“Thank you Cassandra, your workouts are tough but good. I needed this.”

These were just a few comments I heard yesterday afternoon after we wrapped up the last class and celebrated with a farewell picnic. And I say, THANK YOU moms for putting your fitness on top of your priority list. It’s not easy.

I’m looking forward to AMC’s fall series of classes at i.d. gym! All moms have the opportunity to continue their workouts indoors with a more personalized training program, Fit & Fab Small Group Postnatal Training. Join us!

Tell us what you liked most about Biceps, Babies & Buggies classes.