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Here’s what happened when 6 beautiful moms got together…

By May 19, 2022 No Comments

The morning air was damp and crisp, a heavy overcast of gray clouds lingered above. 

I could smell the earthworms in the saturated wet ground. 

But the beautiful birds were singing and little Chippy (that’s what the boys and I named the resident chipmunk who lives under our front stoop) scurried across the sidewalk and a smile beam across my face. 

It seemed like a typical spring day in my beloved Williams Bay neighborhood…

…but it was anything but typical.

You see, this weekend has been a thoughtful curation of schedules and activities that have been planned for the last four months…

…Active Moms’ Club first annual retreat!

36 glorious hours with beautiful, funny, smart, kind mamas coming together, in-person for the first time ever… at my house!

Wait, what?!

Yep. Adults only. No children. Together. In-Person. ❤️

Let me take a sip of my Synergy Kombucha Cosmic Cranberry drink and I’ll share all the juicy details…

But first, the backstory…

This weekend retreat started as a spontaneous idea by Leah, a dedicated mama of two, who’s been a member of Healthy Moms’ Hangout (AMC’s signature membership program) since the spring of 2021. 

Leah joked during our live-streaming coaching session in January that we should have a retreat so that the science-driven “chef” of our tribe, Olivia, could whip us up amazing meals and we could absorb all her kitchen hacks, tips and tricks…

You see, Olivia has a PhD in physics and she brings her science to the kitchen…and to AMC’s tribe! #winning  

…so of course, I did what any covid-fatigued individual would do… 

…I took action and planned a retreat in April for my mama’s inside AMC’s Healthy Moms’ Hangout! #morewinning

We managed to organize 5 of our fab members to make the trip from Chicago and Wisconsin.

Leah said it best, “It’s been too long since I was in a day long conversation with such a funny, kind, smart group of women.” 💯

A “refreshing” glute 🔥 and core 🔥 workout was the best way to kick-off the day with my favorite new person, Tricia, owner of Geneva Lakes Pilates. 

(Tricia has been an integral part of my body’s restoration this year. I have a love:hate relationship with her Reformer training.)

BTW… this is the first time some of these mamas have EVER met in person. Can you tell we got along swimmingly?! 

It seemed fitting to follow-up a workout with a scenic lunch at Pier 290. Their salads are the bomb… 

…by mid afternoon we sipped hot beverages bopping in and out of all the cute shops along Main Street downtown and discovered some ah-mazing LUXE shower steamers at Jayne’s…

(…great gift idea—  just saying. Honey + Almonds, hands down my fave!)

Fortunately we made it back to my place before the torrential rainfall!

We agreed… the rain provided a cozy backdrop to settle into a delectable fire, delicious wine, fantastic food and heartfelt conversation.

And, you guessed it… 

…the evening’s menu was prepared by Chef Olivia — Salmon and Leek Chowder paired with an Arugula, Fennel, Grannysmith Apple salad. 


  1. To create a creamy base without using butter or cream, puree half of the soup base then add it back to the pot.
  2. Freeze soups (or any leftovers) FLAT in Ziplock bags for space optimization in the freezer, and it defrosts faster.
  3. Make a simple egg bake on Sunday for healthy meal options the week ahead.
  4. Freeze extra sauces or ingredients (like coconut milk or tomato paste) in silicone muffin tins or ice cube trays.
  5. Blanche broccoli, cauliflower and green beans for more taste, soft crunch for crudite board.

The evening found us cozy on the couch, sipping wine, next to a toasty fire as we shared laughs and stories playing Esther Perel’s “We Should We Begin” game. #highly recommend

My absolute favorite part of the weekend… 

…sipping coffee and lounging around Sunday morning with 5 females with no place to go and no one to be.

Of course, we did move our bodies with a brisk walk along the lake path, and settled in to a brunch with more warm beverages afterwards.

Katie said it best, “I told my husband I was feeling nervous about this weekend since I have not met ANY of you in person. (Katie has been taking live-streaming classes for the last 12 months.) But I am SOOOO grateful that I came…

…Active Moms’ Club is SO MUCH MORE THAN FITNESS CLASSES, this community is unique. AMC is unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of. I’m a better person being in this tribe.”    

Katie’s words filled my heart. 

I’m grateful for all the amazing moms that make this fitness community so special. ❤️


P.S. Olivia is a Senior Exhibit Developer at the Museum of Science and Industry…(you know that tornado exhibit your kids love… yeah, she and her team developed that cool vortex.)

P.P.S. Your kiddos may love Olivia’s at-home, hands-on science activities.