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Making A Difference

By December 30, 2012 No Comments

The Active Moms’ Club holiday drive was a huge success for The Primo Center thanks to everyone’s generous donations. AMC collected 28 new toys, 6 bags of clothes, and over $300 in donations. Together with Classic Kids Photography’s toy drive, we amassed over THREE car-loads full of items to drop off at the Center to make their Christmas wishes come true.

Gracious toy donations from AMC moms – thank you!

The donations were delivered by Julie, the owner of Classic Kids, her two college-aged sons and nephew. And according to Julie’s report, “the Administrators literally had tears in their eyes, they were so appreciative” when she arrived at the Center and unloaded all of the donations.

Julie said, “I was greeted at the door by little Trey who immediately grabbed a gently used Little Tykes shopping cart that someone had donated to their play space. He was completely enamored with it, immediately put all of his belongings in it, and started to wheel it around. He agreed to let go of it only when one of the administrators pulled out her iPhone and began playing “All the Single Ladies” by Beyonce. Trey started dancing to the tune, complete with all the BK hand gestures. It was so funny and mesmerizing. It was a good time for Trey and for us”.

In addition to having gifts for the women and children on Christmas, “the Center received so many gifts from us that they will be able to have a store room with gifts for all ages to access throughout the year so birthdays can be celebrated with gifts. What a treasure for them”.

I am grateful to have learned about The Primo Center and to share it with you. There are only six shelters in the entire city of Chicago that provide warmth and shelter for homeless women and their children. The Primo Center is a 120-day transitional homeless shelter that provides a safe, healthy and positive environment for its residents. It also offers wraparound services that empower families to break the cycle of poverty with the ultimate goal of providing permanent housing.

The Active Moms’ Club will do more outreach and support the Primo Center – in any way we can – in 2013. I hope you will join us, together we CAN make a difference.