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New Moms Needed for Core Strength Study

By August 20, 2013 February 27th, 2015 No Comments
Postpartum Exercise_RIC_Ultrasound

Earlier this month I shared with you exciting news, Active Moms’ Club has the honor of collaborating with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), the National leader in women’s health rehabilitation for research, on a new, unique study: Rectus Diastasis and Post-Partum Recovery of Core Abdominal Muscles.

What is Diastasis?

Rectus Diastasis may occur during pregnancy or during delivery. It is a condition in which the two large parallel bands of muscles that meet in the middle of the abdomen separate. It doesn’t hurt, and you may not even be aware that it exists. It’s important to be aware of it; a separation may lead to increased low back pain, pelvic instability, urinary leakage, or reduced functional strength of the abdominal wall.

diastasis-recti, abdominal wall separation

Photo credit: Healthy Moms®

We believe a specific course of recovery exercises may make an improved difference in core abdominal strength in post-partum women. RIC will be studying AMC’s “From the Core: Postnatal Recovery” class participants in fall 2013 sessions and winter/spring 2014 sessions. All women registered in class will have the opportunity to participate in the study. Click here to register if you are interested to participating.

Participation involves compliance for doing the workouts, completing a questionnaire, and measuring the change in several abdominal muscles using a portable ultrasound machine – similar to the ultrasounds used during pregnancy. Moms will be evaluated during the first and last class of the six-week session.

Postpartum Exercise_RIC_Ultrasound

A physician from RIC is using a portable ultrasound machine to look at a new mom’s abdominal muscle engagement during AMC’s Core class last fall.

Participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Post-partum females after singleton pregnancy (meaning giving birth to one child with most recent pregnancy)
  • Between ages 18-45
  • No history of abdominal surgery (other than C-Section), no history of back surgery or spinal fractures
  • Though there is no monetary compensation for participating, we believe the program’s course of exercise will have a significant, positive impact on your core strength

For additional information about the study, please contact Christine Eng at, or Gloria Rho at 708-23BELLY (708-232-3559).

Moms should be at least six weeks and less than six months postpartum to participate in class, and have clearance from their healthcare provider to resume an exercise program. Oh, and the best part…you get to bring your baby to class!

See our fitness class schedule for “From the Core: Postnatal Recovery” class dates.

All classes are held at i.d. gym in Lincoln Park.

To learn more and to register, go to Active Moms’ Club website