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New Post-Partum Abdominal Research: Active Moms’ Club & Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Partner Together On Study

By July 29, 2013 February 27th, 2015 No Comments
Postpartum Exercise_RIC_Ultrasound

Can a specific recovery course of exercise make an improved difference in functional abdominal strength in post-partum women? We believe it does.

I am beyond thrilled to share with you the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the National leader in women’s health rehabilitation, and Active Moms’ Club are collaborating on a unique study about abdominal muscle recovery in post-partum women. After a year-long process, RIC received approval from the Institutional Board of Review for their grant.

RIC will be studying AMC’s “From the Core: Postnatal Recovery” class participants in the upcoming fall sessions. All women in class will have the opportunity to participate in the study. Moms will be evaluated before and after the six-week session. Participation in the study involves compliance for doing the workouts, completing a questionnaire, and measuring the change in several abdominal muscles using a portable ultrasound machine – similar to the ultrasounds used during pregnancy.

Postpartum Exercise_RIC_Ultrasound

A physician from RIC is using a portable ultrasound machine to look at a new mom’s abdominal muscle engagement during AMC’s Core class last fall.

Moms should be at least six weeks and less than six months postpartum to participate in class, and have clearance from their healthcare provider to resume an exercise program. Oh, and the best part…you get to bring your baby to class!

Here is the fall class schedule for “From the Core: Postnatal Recovery” class held at i.d. gym in Lincoln Park:

  • September 10 – October 17
  • September 30 – November 6

More details about the study will be shared at a later date. Early registration for the first September session opens on August 1st and is limited to 15 women. To learn more and to register, go to Active Moms’ Club website