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Nutrition & Exercise Wins The Prize

By April 2, 2013 December 18th, 2013 No Comments

Congratulations to Sarah & Brooke, winners of Active Moms’ Club 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge. These two moms, along with six others, took on 2013 with great expectations and goals for their body. Sarah, the grand prize WINNER of the Challenge lost the greatest percentage of body weight, 8.5%. Brooke whittled away 4.6% of her body weight to win second place. Our friends at Athleta generously provided prizes for our winners.

Active Moms Club Weight Loss Challenge Winner 2013

Sarah, 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge Winner!

The weight loss challenge was part of our brand new Fit & Fab Small Group Postnatal Training program, created to help moms get their body back after baby. A total of 52 pounds was lost between the women who participated in the Challenge – everyone is a winner! That’s roughly 180,000 calories negated through exercise or making better nutrition choices.

Sarah is a mom of Emma (3yo) and Eva (8m), and has been working out with AMC for two + years, participating in stroller fitness classes with Emma, postnatal recovery class with Eva, and most recently Fit & Fab group training. Sarah was determined to lose all of her baby – and she did – by taking three 60-minutes classes each week. “Regular weekly workouts is what made the difference for me”, she said. Sarah readily admitted her nutrition didn’t change much during the Challenge, but I’ll guess that she eats healthy most of the time! (Update: Sarah is now expecting baby #3 and is currently enrolled in AMC’s Prenatal program!)

Brooke is proud, first-time mom of son, Bobby (6mo) and is determined to be a healthy and active parent. Brooke sought out AMC for personal training when she was on maternity leave and then joined Fit & Fab because she could workout in the evening and on weekends. Brooke’s success is mainly due to the change in her nutrition habits. She sustain a minor sports injury at the beginning of the year that limited her to just walking. Brooke squeezed in daily extra steps around the office and on weekends with her husband and son. Now recovered, she is enjoying the group training sessions with other moms, “I’m tired after a full day of work, but after I finish training I feel more energized and happy I completed a workout”.

Brooke & Sarah are two great examples of how weight loss success can be achieved through exercise AND nutrition. Together, exercise and nutrition will always be the best method of losing and maintaining your weight.

What is your combination for weight loss success? Share your story below.