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Weight Loss Challenge Winner – Her Journey To Get Her Body Back After Baby

By April 6, 2014 March 4th, 2016 No Comments
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Active Moms’ Club 3rd Annual Weight Loss Challenge was a huge success! The Challenge began in January and wrapped up at the end of March – 12 weeks of workouts and accountability to help 18 eager moms get their body back after baby. Combined, the women lost over 70 pounds, and four women lost more than 10 pounds each!

The Weight Loss Challenge is part of the Fit & Fab Small Group Training program. Fit & Fab provides high-intensity, interval-based exercises that deliver results and foster camaraderie and motivation through the group setting. In this Challenge, the women worked out with AMC and on their own. They also were held accountable with weekly weigh-ins, and received email support for additional motivation for their journey.

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Congratulations to Amy, the winner of the Challenge! She shed the greatest percentage of body weight, 9.7 percent, to claim the title. I’m proud to say Amy is an exemplary AMC mom. She started working out with AMC when she was 8 weeks pregnant participating weekly in Small Group Prenatal Fitness, returned with newborn Celia (born August 2013) for “From the Core: Postnatal Recovery” program, and progressed to Fit & Fab group workouts. Her transformation is no surprise given her focus and drive to succeed, and she admits, she became a little competitive at the end.

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“Cassandra really taught me to take the long view and be patient. A part of me expected to be back to my old self at 12 weeks (now 8 months postpartum). Cassandra’s experience, with other new moms and her own, helped me be more realistic. There were days I felt I’d never feel like myself again, and weeks when I gained a pound or two back, and she was steady with her encouragement and challenging workouts. Those workouts made a huge difference!”

Nursing And Weight Loss

Amy is still nursing her daughter, so I asked her to share how she was able to lose weight and nurse successfully – a combination that can be a difficult task. “Celia is now 8 months, and I started to introduce solids at 6 months (one month into the Challenge). I nurse a little less as we’ve been increasing her solid meals, but still 3-4 times a day. There were times I felt my milk supply lessen, and usually it was a combination of not staying hydrated, not eating enough protein, and not getting enough calories overall. Sometimes, especially when I was overtired, I would crave carbs and end up snacking all day. Drinking water, eating high protein, high fiber meals, and eating healthy snacks helped, and I always had a bar of chocolate in the cupboard!”

I’m proud of all our fabulous mamas who participated. Everyone worked really hard, and the results are the proof.

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Introducing Summertime Shape-Up Fitness Challenge

The camaraderie of Fit & Fab’s group workouts demonstrates how powerful support is for success, which is why we’re rolling out AMC’s brand NEW 60-Day Summertime Shape-up Fitness Challenge! It begins May 1 and runs through June 30 – eight weeks of fitness that will take the guesswork out of slimming down in time for the summer season. Everyone who participates will enjoy a strong, toned new body, the joy and satisfaction of being fit and confident about donning their summer wardrobe, and the motivation and camaraderie that comes will all AMC programs!

Who else is ready to get their body back after baby? Visit our website to learn more about the Shape-up Challenge and to register.