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Mom Moments

3 Breakthrough Moments: Part 3

Sunday morning I woke with a slice of brightness gleaming through the heavy, floor length curtains.  The room was toasty warm and there were heavy, unapologetic footsteps moving down the hallway.  Oh yes… It took me a few, head-aching moments to realize I was in the solitude of my own hotel room… …in Milwaukee. …for Active Moms’ Club weekend retreat.…
February 22, 2023
Mom Moments

3 things I uncovered last week: Part 2

My right arm slowly moved its way out from under the toasty blankets as I fumbled to mute the “Ripples” melody chiming from my alarm.  I take a long exhilarating inhale and stretch out my body like a supple cat.  My iPhone tells me it’s time to start the day… … a strength training session with AMC mamas. (My favorite…
February 22, 2023
Mom Moments

Warning Motivation Inside!

January is a time of new beginnings: healthier eating, more regular workouts, detoxes, resolutions, saving money, and ________ (fill in your blank). I’ve never been a fan of resolutions.  I tried the word of the year once… by February I totally forgot what my word was?! Back in November a fellow coach planted the idea of a 30 day personal…
February 22, 2023
Fitness Tips

5 Simple Exercises to Improve Posture

As moms we are literally pulled in every direction, and our posture is victim to the demands of motherhood. Poor posture leads to back aches and pain… and who has time for that?!  Good posture helps minimize stress on tendons, joints and ligaments. Plus, better posture can have a significant impact on your quality of life— less back pain, strengthens…
February 10, 2023

Here’s what really happened when I turned 50 last year…

I woke up on Saturday morning feeling slightly refreshed, like I had quality sleep but not feeling super peppy to charge through the day…  (let’s be honest, those super peppy days usually don’t happen during winter months...) I sauntered into the bathroom, leaned over the sink and gazed into the mirror…  My right cheek... freshly indented with pillowcase markings. As…
January 9, 2023