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Mom of the Month—How One Mom Took Control

In January Active Moms’ Club kicked-off our second 60-Days of YOU! Fitness & Nutrition program. The goal of the program— to help moms focus on their own self-care. One of our newest members, Lauren, made an incredible transformation to her body, while increasing her energy, strength and confidence. Lauren first came to AMC last year for our Postnatal Recovery Class. She…
March 26, 2018
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Our 3 Most Successful Fitness Stories of 2017

As we forge forward and embrace all that 2018 has to offer, let's take a moment to look back on the great accomplishments of these AMC moms and their incredible transformations in 2017. They are inspirational! From creating healthier eating habits, making time for their self-care to adding weight training sessions once a week—what will be your inspiration to be the…
January 10, 2018
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Mom of the Month: A 60-Day Transformation!

In September Active Moms’ Club launched a brand new fitness and nutrition program, 60-Days of YOU! to help moms focus on their own self-care. One of our newest members, Bryony, made an astonishing transformation—to her body and mind. AMC’s program has changed her relationship with food and exercise, “I can't express enough how this has been life changing for me.” When…
November 26, 2017