Here’s what really happened when I turned 50 last year…

I woke up on Saturday morning feeling slightly refreshed, like I had quality sleep but not feeling super peppy to charge through the day…  (let’s be honest, those super peppy days usually don’t happen during winter months...) I sauntered into the bathroom, leaned over the sink and gazed into the mirror…  My right cheek... freshly indented with pillowcase markings. As…
January 9, 2023

This is 50.

Something epic happened this month. I turned 50! 🥳 I know what you may be saying to yourself, "Wow, that's old!" Agreed, five decades is no joke. I won’t candy-coat it. My body is a little more sensitive to my activity and nutrition choices, my skin has a few more wrinkles and now I wear readers! 🤓 #itsreal But here's…
January 24, 2022

7 Simple Self-Care Tips for Moms

As a mom, you probably never put yourself first, and oh my— with our current pandemic self-care may have taken a complete back seat. But practicing self-care is more important now than ever. Taking care of yourself will better equip you to manage the demands of daily, shelter-in-place, life. And let's be honest, when you’re happier and healthy, your family…
April 21, 2020
Fitness TipsSelf-Care

3 Ways to Make Fitness & Nutrition Habits Stick

I’ll resume healthy eating and working out after my vacation… once the baby is born… after my child’s birthday week… tomorrow… Monday. Does this sound familiar? With everything going on in your life right now, it might seem inevitable that you’ll miss workouts, make unhealthy food choices and – ultimately – fail in your goal to becoming a healthier, happier…
February 18, 2020