The Organized Mom

The Organized Mom

Easy Ways to Simplify for the Holidays

Active Moms’ Club is thrilled to introduce a new guest blogger today, Sarah Giller Nelson. Sarah is owner of Less is More, a professional organizing company inspired by a passion for beauty and order. Less is More specializes in getting busy families organized – and now with the holiday season full steam ahead, Sarah is sharing some useful tips to…
November 24, 2014
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7 Tips For Family Organization

Active Moms’ Club is thrilled to introduce our newest partner and guest blogger, Katie Lewis, kid savvy founder of Strollers and Stilettos®.  Being a mom requires the never-ending chore of multi-tasking, juggling, and scheduling to keep your family organized. We asked Katie, master planner, to provide us with some useful tips to get your family organized. Lists It’s the easiest…
March 17, 2014
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Can Your Nanny Become Your Friend?

Active Moms’ Club is thrilled to introduce a new guest blogger today, Amelia Miller, owner of Lincoln Park Nannies. Amelia and her team have been placing nannies in Chicago since 2007. Thank you Amelia for providing such a wonderful resource! A common discussion I hear in class is the task of hiring a nanny, and creating a healthy rapport with…
March 4, 2013
The Organized Mom

Tips for Organizing Baby Clothes

Little babies grow quickly, and in the process they go through lots of clothes. Here in Chicago, seasonal changes also add to the amount of clothes you will need to keep your child comfortable and stylish. An easy-to-maintain system for managing clothes is essential for keeping baby clutter in check. Here are some of my favorite tips for managing all…
October 11, 2012