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New Mom’s Postpartum Care & Fitness

If you're a new mom you may have loads of questions about your postpartum body— from identifying common aches and pains, to addressing how and when will your body return to "normal". And if you were regularly active during pregnancy, you want to know how and when you can safely return to exercise. Know, that you are not alone! Most…
April 28, 2021
PostnatalWomens Health

Mom’s New Postpartum Body: From the Baby Blues to Kegel’s, A Few of My Favorite FAQ’s

If you're a new mother you may be overwhelmed and have lots of questions about your body. Without a doubt, a woman’s new postpartum body has gone through a tremendous amount of change. Do you know there's a difference between common postpartum issues versus abnormal issues? I'm here to help clarify what's common. As a mom of twins, and personal trainer…
January 4, 2021