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A Few of My Favorite Things: Baby Gear Edition

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It’s the perfect time of year to reflect, make lists and check ’em twice. I’m making lists of  my favorite things to share with you each Friday in December. Enjoy – and share your favorite things with us in the comments section or on Facebook!

Just in time for the gift-giving season, here is a list of my top five favorite baby products. (Please note, I have no affiliation with any of these companies, nor am I being compensated for my endorsement. These recommendations come solely from my experiences as a mom.)

Hanna Andersson’s Pilot Cap

We received two lightweight cotton pilot caps as a gift when the boys were born. They are perfect for a cool fall/spring day, or during the winter inside their covered car seat. I LOVE how they fit. The caps cover their ears and neck and because the cap ties in front, they can’t pull the hats off! They wore (size XS) cotton caps in the fall when they were 3mo and into spring at 9mo. We just purchased a lined pilots cap for this winter in the next size up. They are so cute! It’s the only hat we own and don’t take off. http://www.hannaandersson.com/search.aspx?search_for=pilot%20caps&fsb=y

mOmma Straw Cup

We have tried a variety of straw cups. Like every parent, we were looking for one that doesn’t leak, and found success with the mOmma Straw Cup. The straw can be covered for transporting, liquids can be easily extracted to the very bottom, and it’s not hard to clean. We started using these at 12 months for milk. The cup has four parts, can be easily cleaned and assembled, and the boys love to drink out of them. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=390129&catid=182604&aid=338666&aparam=goobase_filler

Growing Child Newsletter

This is another item we received as a gift when the boys were born. The Growing Child newsletter is a monthly newsletter that helps you understand your child — why he/she does certain things at certain times, what he’s learning by doing them, and what you can do to help him/her develop. I love it because it’s very informative and helpful to learn what’s going on at any moment. I look forward to reading it and appreciate that it lands in my inbox on the 18th of every month. I have given the Growing Child Newsletter (0-72 months) as a shower gift and a baby gift multiple times over the last year. http://growingchild.com/GrowingChild.html

Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest

We swaddled the boys until they were 4 months old. When it was time to transition out of the swaddle they moved to the Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest (a gift from a sleep consultant!). It was January when we transitioned to the sack, so the lightly quilted s “duvet sleeping bag” was optimal for us. It’s soft, quality made, 100% cotton with plastic zippers that zip from top to bottom, and snaps at the shoulders for easy in-and-out. The boys wore long sleeve PJs inside the nest during the winter, lighter garments in the spring. http://www.babydeedee.com

Dr Seuss Bright & Early Board Books

What’s not to love about Dr Seuss? These small books are perfect size for small hands. They are durable, fun to read and the boys enjoy the illustrations. These are a few of our favorites. http://www.seussville.com/books/book_detail.php?isbn=9780307975867

Let’s compile a top 25 list. Share one or two of your favorite baby items with us.