You’ve triumphed through pregnancy, childbirth and caring for a newborn. Now it’s time for YOU to be a priority: to be a stronger, fitter, healthier version of your new self so you can lead your family by example.

Join us for LIVE-STREAMING Fit & Fab Small Group Training and share the cost of having your own personal trainer while reducing inches from your waistline, strengthening your muscles and feeling more confident about your body after baby. These small group workouts deliver measurable results through strength training— yep, I’m going to teach you the proper way to lift weights, swing kettlebells and be a badass! Each 60-minute workout incorporates high-intensity, interval-based exercises.

Our fitness program is a cost-effective option for moms with children of all ages, from 3 months to 30 years! Coach Cassandra will tailor postnatal workouts to meet the needs of all fitness levels while:

  • helping you create S.M.A.R.T. fitness goals
  • providing guidance & motivation to ACHIEVE your goals
  • inspiring each mom to be the best version of themselves,
  • enjoying the camaraderie and support from your favorite mom-centric community
Fit & Fab Small Group Training | Personal Trainer | Active Moms Club

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90 Days of YOU! …the busy mom’s online food and fitness formula will return Spring 2021.

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Saturday, December 5th | 9:00am–10:00am

(Space is limited. To reserve your spot email: 

One hour training sessions are live-streaming on Zoom
Mondays 6:00am–7:00am CST
Thursdays 6:00am–7:00am CST
Saturdays 7:30am–8:30am CST
Saturdays 9:00am–10:00am CST
(beginner-intermediate level)

Equipment is NOT necessary to participate.
Coach Cassandra will have circuits prepared to accommodate mamas who will be using weights, and those who do not have weights.

Try us out to experience a session for yourself


drop-in when your schedule permits


Passes valid all
of 2020


Passes valid all
of 2020


Fit & Fab is personal training in a small group setting, that is now ONLINE. Participate as frequently as you like on the days that fit your schedule. Designated training time must be reserved on AMC’s Registration & Scheduling website. Each session will have a minimum of two women.

We reserve the right to cancel a session two hours prior without sufficient attendance (minimum two). Participants must be at least 12 weeks postpartum. It’s AMC’s policy if you are less than six MONTHS postpartum to request a waiver from your physician stating you are cleared to exercise prior to beginning our exercise program. This format is for moms only.

How do I get started with Fit & Fab Small Group training?

  1. If you are at least 12 weeks postpartum, OR are a previous AMC participant, simply purchase a test-drive session or package and reserve your desired training time above.
  2. First time participants are invited to take a one-time test drive for just $25.
  3. If you are less than six months postpartum, a waiver from your healthcare provider stating you are cleared to exercise is requested before you begin training.
  4. Questions? Call Coach Cassandra, 773.505-3945 or drop an email,

All training sessions are live-streaming on Zoom

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