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Body After Baby Transformations –How Our Moms Did It!

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Active Moms’ Club 60-Day Summertime Shape-Up Fitness Challenge yielded 20 eager mamas ready to get their body back after baby. The Challenge, our most successful group, goal-based program delivered impressive results. Combined, the women lost 84 pounds, and inches from their waistlines! The camaraderie that they shared was just as inspirational, making training sessions and getting fit more fun.


AMC Fitness Challenge_CollageOur seasonal Fitness Challenges are all part of Fit & Fab’s Small Group Postnatal Training program. (See incredible transformations from the last Challenge). Fit & Fab training provides high-intensity, interval-based exercises (HIIT) that deliver results and foster camaraderie and motivation through a small group setting. In this Challenge, the women worked out with AMC and on their own.



All 20 moms in the Challenge had their own personal fitness goals.

“To get back to my pre-baby weight and be stronger/fitter than I was pre-pregnancy. As a mother of four, I need to have the energy to keep up with my very active kids. Being fit will give me that extra energy. Also I want to be a good example for my kids and exhibit health habits.”

“I want to establish a consistent workout schedule, at least three times a week. And I want to lose six pounds. I need to prioritize my workouts because I know that in the long run working out will make me feel better both mentally and physically.”

“I want to fit into my white jeans again.”

The overall consensus – moms wanting and needing to make their workouts a priority to feel good about themselves and be healthy.AMC_FItnessChallenge2

For 60-days our moms squatted, planked, lunged, ran, walked, pushed, pulled and jumped their way to discover new found strength and reaped the benefits of more slender waistlines.



We measured each mom’s strength with a seven-exercise fitness assessment at the beginning and end of the Challenge. Two moms – Megan Roberts & Nadia Johnson –  had the greatest strength gains over the course of 60 days.


“The fitness challenge motivated me. Before my (twin) pregnancy I was a regular runner and had completed lots of races and four marathons. During my high-risk pregnancy I did not exercise at all, and it was really hard to get back into working out afterwards. I knew I was weaker, and really had some work to do! AMC was exactly what I needed – a group of moms who understand how hard it is to prioritize fitness!

My favorite things about the Challenge were the variety and difficulty of the group workouts. I find the hardest thing about exercising on your own is coming up with a plan and sticking to it. With AMC’s workouts I didn’t have to; Cassandra did all the work of putting together new and varied exercises each week, and I just had to show up and put in the effort. 

After the Challenge I felt a lot more like my old self! I definitely feel stronger and more motivated to continue exercising regularly, and it gave me the boost to try and lose the last few stubborn pounds.”

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Thanks to our local sponsor — KH Photography, every mom participating in the Challenge was extrinsically motivated for the chance to earn a free family photo shoot and print of their healthy and happy family. Nadia and Megan, the grand prize winners, received an additional $500 credit from KH to use towards prints. Now that’s what I call motivation to workout!

AMC_KH PHotoCHicago Party

At the end of the Challenge KH hosted a party to celebrate everyone’s success. Getting fit is FUN with AMC!


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Fit & Fab Fall Fitness Challenge is returning mid September. Are you ready to be challenged to be your best, fit self? Stay tuned, more juicy details of the Challenge coming soon. Space is limited. Be sure you’re on AMC’s mailing list to be in the know, and for special offers!

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