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Getting Fit Isn’t Hard

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It’s no secret that regular exercise along with mindful, healthy eating will yield a healthier body, but it’s much easier said than done. But when you take a little intrinsic motivation, add external accountability and support, these moms lost INCHES from their waistline and developed healthier eating habits along the way—in just 60 short days!


“So I’ve been rocking size 10 work pants since I went back to work in December, but this morning, I fit into some size 8’s that I bought back in my first trimester! So exciting!”

In January, twelve moms decided they were ready to make a change and committed to AMC’s 60-Day Fitness Challenge, our most successful group, goal-based program.

“I’m happy to say that I met my weight goal of losing 4 pounds. My weight had crept up a little with the downtime in the Fall plus the stress of holidays and the failed IVF, plus all that combined with extremely cold weather…yuck. I’m really glad I committed to the Fitness Challenge. I physically feel better and happier, and that’s really what I wanted.”

So far over 167 women have lost a collective 185 inches and 374 pounds participating in our Fitness Challenges over the last four years! As part of Fit & Fab Small Group training sessions, the Challenge helps moms achieve measurable increases in strength, which can help increase metabolism and torch body fat.

And you know what? 

Even though you can lose inches from your waistline—it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose pounds from the scale. During this Challenge, I encouraged some moms to ditch the scale and purely focus on the day to day habits and activities that lead them to their goals. The number on the scale doesn’t always represent the progress being made, as the scale can ultimately deplete motivation. Using body measurements and the fitness assessments became our means of measuring success—and everyone who participated in the Challenge was wildly successful.

“It feels great to feel better and move easier. My increased strength and flexibility aren’t necessarily rewards that I banked on 60 days ago… these far outweigh any number on a scale. Thanks for your constant encouragement and push! AMC continues to be a highlight of my week! 💜”

Our Fit & Fab training sessions provides high-intensity, interval-based exercises that will provide maximum calorie burn. All of our moms have learned how to swing kettlebells–which is a highly effective exercise to increase core/ab strength.  “I feel so bad-ass when I swing kettlebells, I can let some aggression out when I swing”. The bells may look intimidating but they aren’t—just the opposite, it’s empowering to swing a kettlebell. Along with functional exercises, the kettlebells are a fun way to add resistance to our high-intensity workouts.

“Thank you very much for your continued encouragement and motivation. I lost 4 pounds, and really happy to see how my posture improved. I feel much stronger and feel more confident than I was prior to the Fitness Challenge. I also have more energy by the end of the day due to the new food choices I’m making. More importantly, I feel like I have learned a lot about exercise and nutrition. I can continue these new healthy lifestyle habits as opposed to ways of losing weight fast but not able to maintain. Meal planning has been so beneficial not only for me but for my husband and son as well.”

Are you ready to be the best version of you? Join our 60-Day Summertime Shape-Up Fitness Challenge sponsored by TK Photography to change your body for the better. The Challenge begins April 22 through June 21 – 8 weeks of fitness that will take the guesswork out of slimming down and getting fit.

Join us – our most successful group, goal-based program – is limited to the first 20 moms, even if you have “just a little” to lose, you have all of the right things to gain!

Oh, and as a little extra incentive…complete the Challenge and you’ll receive a mini photo-shoot from TK Photography!

Visit our website to learn more information about our Fit & Fab Small Group Training program and to register for our 60-Day Summertime Shape-Up Fitness Challenge.

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