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Getting Fit & Strong After 4 Kids – Here’s How She Did It!

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Active Moms’ Club Get Fit For Fall Charity Fitness Challenge yielded 14 eager mamas ready to re-shape and strengthen their bodies. The Challenge, our most successful group, goal-based program delivered impressive results. For 60-days our moms squatted, planked, lunged, ran, walked, pushed, and pulled their way to discover new found strength — and reaped the benefits of more slender waistlines!

FitnessChallengeResults_ActiveMomsClubTracy Samonds, mom of four, is the winner of this Challenge yielding the greatest strength gains over the 60 day duration. For every Challenge, we measure each mom’s strength with a six exercise fitness assessment at the beginning, and at the end of the Challenge. (Tracy has participated in two 60-Day Challenges in 2015; beginning May and this one in October. A progression of her impressive results are pictured above.)

“With four kids at home, its definitely a challenge to make time to workout. Like most moms, I tend to put my children’s needs far above my own. But, when it comes to exercise, I carve out the time in my week for at least two workouts. It helps that two of my kids are in school and the other two are napping during that time! If I can’t make one of my normal workout times, I try to find a time where my older kids can exercise with me. They think the treadmill is amazing, and are actually pretty good with simple exercises like squats and lunges. Makes it fun and fast!

My favorite aspect of AMC’s small group training – aside from the fabulous trainer who pushes me past my normal comfort zone – is the other women I exercise with. I’ve met some amazing women at AMC and seeing what they can accomplish and how strong they are/have become pushes me even more.


Physically I think I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. With four kids under the age of six, I need every last bit of energy I can muster. The workouts Cassandra creates have helped give me that extra boost I need to get through the day. I can, with ease, lift and carry both of my 9-month twins at the same time (that’s about 40 lbs of baby!). I’m fairly certain I couldn’t do that pre-AMC.”

AMC’s seasonal Fitness Challenges are all part of Fit & Fab’s Small Group Postnatal Training program. (See incredible transformations from the last Challenge). Fit & Fab training provides high-intensity, interval-based exercises (HIIT) that deliver results and foster camaraderie and motivation through a small group setting. As with every Challenge, the women work out with AMC and on their own.


All 14 moms in the Challenge had their own personal fitness goals, from weight loss to improving strength to running faster. The overall consensus – moms wanting and needing to make their workouts a priority to feel good about themselves, be healthy, and set a positive example to their children.

Celebrating & Giving Back

Thanks to our local sponsors, Noteworthy Notes, Noktivo Salon, Chicago Door Step Spa, and Neighborhood Parent Network, every mom participating in the Challenge was extrinsically motivated. Tracy, the grand prize winner will receive a well deserved 90-minute in-home massage from Chicago Door Step Spa. Now that’s what I call motivation to workout!


At the end of the Challenge Noteworthy Notes hosted a party for us – along with a little pampering from Jenny, the owner of Noktivo – to celebrate everyone’s success. Getting fit is FUN with AMC!

With this charity themed Challenge, our moms also gave back to the community by collecting over 750 diapers and new and used books for two wonderful organizations: Bundle of Joy Diaper Bank and Open Books,

Get Ready To Make Your Fitness A Priority…

60-Day New Year New You Fitness Challenge

Fit & Fab’s 60-Day Fitness Challenge is returning January 4 through March 5. I challenge you to make 2016 your best year yet. Register early and prepare to be more fabulous than you already are. Space is limited. Join us!