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Why Going To The Gym Won’t Help You Lose Weight And What To Do Instead!

By March 25, 2023 March 29th, 2023 No Comments

Hello, Alyssa here!

Yep, I’m taking over for my girl Coach C today.

Not sure where she is, probably outside enjoying the sunshine!

But she knows I’m here.

👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 That’s me! Don’t let the smile fool you. I have a gritty, determined side!

And it’s finally unleashing that side of me that’s transformed my body — and my life!

That’s why I wanted to pop in and tell you why Coach Cassandra’s Fitness Challenge is the BEST decision that I have made for me AND my family.

For real, mama. No fluff!

I am a mom of three and live in the city of Chicago. (Cassandra’s boys went to school with my son). 

Before Coach Cassandra, I was going to the gym consistently but wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.

I did not want to fall into the trap and think, “Well, I’m 40 now and this is just how my body looks after 3 kids”, because that’s what society tells you.

Group classes at the gym helped me maintain but weren’t changing my body composition.

I knew I needed to be more INTENTIONAL with workouts to make changes in my body.

Trouble was, I didn’t know what to do to get those changes without dedicating half a morning or an evening at the gym.

While I believe exercise is important, I felt like I was DIYing my way through fitness classes and not getting the support or motivation I needed.

But Coach Cassandra popped into my inbox and she spoke to me. (And she speaks to me on Zoom when she cheers me on and corrects my form.) 🤗

It’s this type of personalized attention and accountability that I was looking for to keep me focused on my fitness goals.

Coach Cassandra is YOUR trainer. 

She tells you exactly what to do. I just log into Zoom… in my LIVING ROOM! #convenience

Even though I was going to the gym, I knew I needed to be more intentional. 

The 20 minute workouts in Coach C’s fitness challenge were appealing to me.

Within the first two weeks of the challenge, I truly conceptualized a 20-minute workout IS a game changer. I had actual strength gains with these intentional, bite-sized workouts. 

The convenience of live-streaming classes has kept me consistent. 

Here’s just a sampling of the results that started happening for me…

  • I am more body confident and measurably stronger.
  • I can actually do multiple single leg squats and hold a plank for over two minutes!
  • My clothes fit better.

But even beyond what it’s done for my physical strength. Coach C has helped me unlock a healthier lifestyle.

I’m more body confident and consistent than before the challenge! 

My family has witnessed my tangible strength gains. 

So when I think about not doing the 30-Day Fitness Challenge – – eek.

I’d still be feeling unsupported, unintentional and going to the gym to put in the time because that’s what I was “supposed to do”.

Nuh. Uh. 

It was time for me to shine and Coach C’s Fitness Challenge is 100% the reason I did it. 

Because in just a few short months, I am…

  • learning how to maximize workout time
  • intentional about how I structure my workouts
  • modeling an active, healthy lifestyle to my kids

…and changing my body composition in LESS time! 💪🏻

In April 2021, I had ZERO of those things!

So, I know people throw this phrase around, but I mean it –  it’s been life changing!

Plus, the support of the women in the group. You can’t hide in here. You don’t want to. This is a compassionate, close-knit crew of super humans who support you every step of the way.

This can all be the same for you, too. That’s why I’ve popped in to share my story with you.

Because I bet you’re also ready to get intentional, gain body confidence, and break the societal norms of how you should look and feel after having kids. 


Then you gotta grab a spot on the WAITLIST in Coach C’s 30-Day Fitness Challenge. (It’s coming up in a few weeks!)

I know Cassandra will personally support you all the way. 


P.S. Know that putting your name on the waitlist has no obligation, just gives you the opportunity to score an early enrollment discount before the doors open to everyone

… as a budget conscious mom, I had to let you know of course. 😉