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3 Killer Glute Exercises That You Need

By May 8, 2019 September 27th, 2020 No Comments

Let me introduce you to your gluteus medius. This very important muscle needs a little extra love postpartum. The glute medius is the pedestal upon which your pelvis rests. It is a major player in pelvis stability and your ability to balance—and everyone needs help balancing, even if you are not a ballerina.

Every time you walk or run, you are performing a single leg balance. When your glute medius is weak, your hip flexors and LOW BACK MUSCLES have to work overtime, creating tightness, pain and often injury. Your body isn’t going to let you collapse while walking, so it recruits other muscles to do the job. But we need to strengthen that glute medius so that our low back and hips can have a little support.

A good way to know you have a weak glute medius is if your knees cave in on squats or lunges, or if your hip drops (think sashay walk) when you walk.

Try this resistance band ‘triplet’ and say HELLO to your glute medius. This is a serious burner, and is always incorporated into our small group training sessions to guarantee our prenatal and postnatal moms are building their deep rooted strength.


Back Steps: 20 steps back, R/L (40 steps total)

Penguins: 40 steps back and forth

Squats: 15 reps

Rest 1 minute between sets (you are going to need it). Repeat 3 times! 🔥Incorporate this mini-band series into your workout, ideally BEFORE a cardio session—or it could be a quick 5 minute workout at home.

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