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4 Tips to Jumpstart Your Workout Routine

By June 26, 2020 No Comments

I get it– every excuse you’re using to push your fitness to the bottom of your priority list you’re using. “I’m too busy. I have 100 other things to do. The gyms are closed. I don’t have enough room in my house. I feel guilty exercising when I should be doing _______ (fill in any task).

We all know that exercise is an integral part of healthy living. Studies prove exercise boosts immunity, improves mood, increases energy, combats health conditions and disease, brings on better sleep, melts away stress, and there are dozens of more reasons  why you need to move your body regularly.

So why make excuses to exercise?

Instead, try these 4 simple steps so that you can jumpstart your much needed self-care:


Tip 1—Plan your workout

First thing first. Plan at the beginning of the week to take time in your schedule for your workout(s). Notice I didn’t say, to “find” time in your schedule. No one ‘finds’ time. You have to take it. Inevitable that means something on your priority list will need to shift in order to make something else—in this case, exercise—fit in. My favorite saying, “if it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” Now start making a plan.

Tip 2—Schedule & prioritize your workout

Now that you have planned your workout for the week (if you’re starting from zero, one scheduled workout is PROGRESS!)— book your fitness as you book any other appointment. No cancelation unless dire urgency. This is the benefit of scheduling a live-streaming fitness class —like Active Moms’ Club small group training sessions. Now there’s added accountability if someone else is expecting you to show up!

Tip 3—Share your intentions

Share your fitness intentions with your spouse and/or family members for their support, and to help protect your self-care time. A supportive environment will help you thrive. If family members and friends knows that exercise is important to you, they will support your needs to be active to take time for yourself.

Tip 4—Execute

Get it done mama—you planned your workout(s), made it a priority, and scheduled your fitness appointment with the support of your spouse! Show up and be present. Feel your body move. The movement is actually giving you energy. Notice how your mental state changes after you act purposefully and meaningfully.

Now YOU are in control!

You can do this! But it’s absolutely normal if you need more accountability and motivation to get it done. I need it too.

That’s why I created Healthy Moms’ Hangout.

It’s for mamas, like you, who want to be held accountable for your fitness and nutrition habits so that you can have more energy and score daily wins without the guilt or overwhelm that is tied to your self-care.

Jump on the accountability wagon and join us. Healthy Moms’ Hangout has a limited number of spots available for July & August.