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5 Tips for Weight Loss Success

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Small Daily Goals

Congratulations, you have a beautiful new edition to your family. You have an amazing body and now you would like to reclaim it as your own. Whether you are trying to lose the first five pounds or the last ten pounds after your baby is born, you may find it’s not an easy task. Success is possible, and it all starts with being mindful of your thoughts and actions. Here are five tips to help you get started with weight loss success.

  1. Believe in Yourself
    You can lose weight. You can make healthy food choices. You can be fit. Believe in yourself. It is the first step of success. You can do it. Tell yourself, “I CAN do it. I WILL do it”.
  2. Create Daily Goals
    Write down 1-3 small daily goals for yourself each morning. Your goals can be anything that will lead you toward long-term weight loss success. Daily goals are rewarding and have instant gratification to keep you motivated for long-term success.

    Small Daily Goals

    A few examples for your daily goals.

  3. Plan
    Plan your meals. Plan your snacks. Plan your workouts. A goal without a plan is only a wish. Stock your pantry with healthy food choices. Make time on the weekend to cook and freeze food for the week ahead. Make healthy grab-and-go options; chop up veggies and place them in serving-sized bags in the fridge. Plan your busy family schedule so you have designated workout time. Yes, this is work. It takes work to be successful.
  4. Recruit Support
    Surround yourself with a support team. Recruit your spouse, friends or colleagues in your weight loss success. Your support crew can provide extra willpower and encouragement when you need it most. Your team can also be workout pals. At Active Moms’ Club our supportive community of moms and trainers are each other’s champion.
  5. Love Yourself Now
    Love your body now for what it has given you and love yourself for the journey you are on. Envision a YOU that you choose to be.

You can do it.
You will do it.
You are worth it.

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