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5 Tips to Battle the Holiday Bulge

By November 19, 2012 November 23rd, 2013 No Comments

It’s here! The holiday season has arrived like a bolt of lightning, and along with the season comes parties, family gatherings, buffets, cocktails, and an abundance of calories. Did you know the average American gains five pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years?

Here are five tips to battle the bulge over the next five weeks and kick-off 2013 feeling good about your waistline:

  1. Make a nutrition plan for each day. If you are attending a holiday party in the evening, eat dinner before you go. By eating dinner at home, you can select a healthy, portion-controlled meal and arrive to the party satiated. At the party, have a drink and a nibble of dessert.
  2. Don’t stand next to the buffet. Party-goers, like myself, can be attracted by the food table and give in to temptation when food is within eye sight or eat mindlessly if it’s easily accessible. Remove yourself from temptation and mingle in another room away from the food. When it’s time to eat, scan the table, find a few favorites items, fill your plate once and sit down and enjoy.
  3. Limit alcohol. I know, I sound like scrooge. The more your drink, the more calories you’ll consume. A 5oz glass of red wine is approximately 125 calories. Have a glass of water in between each drink, or make your glass of wine a spritzer and sip.
  4. Be sure to maintain or increase your fitness activities. This time of year can get busy with a jammed-packed calendar and things to do, but it’s mandatory to keep REGULAR workouts on your schedule to combat extra calories. Check out AMC’s class calendar, we have a fitness program for every mom to keep you motivated and accountable year round.
  5. Don’t panic or feel guilty! If your diet seems to have gotten out of hand, balance your intake over several days, you have ample time to regain control.

Enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Take care of yourself and you’ll be a better caregiver.