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5 Tips to Get Fit with Good Stroller Form

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A stroller walk, or a run is an excellent workout for moms — and important to execute with good form. Poor stroller form can lead to more aches and pains and cause you to fatigue more quickly. At Active Moms’ Club I coach moms to stand tall and walk like they have a mini-skirt on. Why? Because walking with a pretend mini-skirt on will shorten leg stride, keeping mom’s hips under her body AND engage butt and abdominal muscles. Yep, you’ll be working your core while you walk. Make it a brisk walk and you have an easy way to get fit with your baby!

5 Tips for Good Stroller Form

  1. Your head should be over your shoulders, and looking forward rather than down.
  2. Lead with your chest by engaging shoulder blades, gentle pull them back and down
  3. Stand tall, your hips should be underneath your body
  4. Engage your abdominals
  5. Keep your wrists in neutral position
Ideal Stroller Form for walking or running

Ideal stroller form. Engage your abs while you walk and you’ll get an ab workout!

Incorrect Stroller Form for exercise

Incorrect stroller form. It’s essential to keep hips underneath body to engage core muscles.

Ideal Wrist position to push stroller

Ideal wrist position to push stroller.

Incorrect Wrist Position for stroller exercise

Ouch! Avoid bending wrists to push.

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