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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Core Before & After Baby

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Modified Side Plank Postnatal Exercise

An expecting AND new mom has similar physical needs, core strength! Core strength is the ability to use your body’s power center – the center of your body – to power you through life’s daily movement. Pregnancy and motherhood is a true test of core strength!

What is your core?

The core includes all muscles that attach to the spine and hip; upper postural muscles, abdominals, pelvic floor and back muscles. All of these muscles undergo a tremendous amount of stress during pregnancy and labor.

Whether you’re an expecting mom experiencing a healthy pregnancy and cleared to exercise, or a new mom ready to get back in to shape, here are five exercises to strengthen your core:

  1. Planks – in addition to strengthening abdominals and back muscles, they also help increase upper postural strength in turn helping you sit and stand tall. Incorporate front planks and side planks into your workouts.
  2. Pushups – yes, pushups! Don’t be afraid of this effective move. Practice this exercise from your knees. Completed properly, it’s an effective exercise for all of the core muscles.
  3. Cat & Camel – it’s a pregnant woman’s crunch! Focus on engaging your abdominals when you are in the ‘cat’ phase. This move is also an effective stretch for your upper & lower back.
  4. Opposite Arm / Opposite Leg – perform this simple exercise with control and balance while engaging your abdominals – it will help to increase lower back strength.
  5. Single Leg Squats – your center of gravity changes over nine months. Add a toe touch with your hand and now you are working your body’s power center for balance.
Modified Side Plank Postnatal Exercise

Our newly postpartum moms are doing modified side planks to strengthen their hips, lower back, obliques, and shoulder muscles.

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