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6 Tips To Stay Active Through The Holidays

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The holidays are in full swing and we are busier than ever. A great way to balance the holiday hustle and manage stress is to stay active. “Active” doesn’t mean you need to commit going to the gym 3-4 days a week. Here are six creative strategies on how you can be active and maintain balance over the upcoming weeks.

  1. Make it a mini session. Squeezing in time to exercise gets harder this time of year. Rather than skip a workout all together, break up a 30-minute workout in to two, 15-minute or three, 10-minute mini sessions. The benefit of a mini workout – it’ll give you a boost of energy when you may need it the most. Plus the psychological boost of knowing you did ‘something’ rather than nothing. Every little bit counts and will add up at the end of the week. ActiveMomsClub_10minuteWorkout
  2. Be prepared. Lay out your workout clothes the night before. Pull out your exercise mat, band, weights – whatever you have in your ‘home gym’ to get it done. If your clothes and equipment are out you may be more inclined to move.
  3. Eat small meals throughout the day to maintain your metabolism. It may seem counterintuitive but skipping meals is not an effective strategy to reduce calories and will ultimately rob you of much needed energy. So pack healthy snacks and keep your energy level high, because moms know, a hungry person is also a cranky person.
  4. Make an exercise date. Rather than go for coffee or drinks, invite a friend to go to the gym with you, or for a run or walk. You can catch up while you’re both getting your sweat on. It’s a great way to multitask and you’ll save on the calories, not to mention a few bucks.
  5. Sneak in extra footsteps. 10,000 daily steps a day, or the equivalent of 30-60 minutes or more of walking per day is the minimum daily exercise recommendation to reduce health risks. Park your car further from the store entrance. Opt to take the stairs rather than the riding an elevator or escalator. Ditch online shopping and go out to your neighborhood boutiques to do your holiday shopping. You’ll burn more energy and your dollars will support local small business.
  6. Dial up the intensity level. If you carved out 30-minutes to exercise, make it really count. Rev up your heart rate with less rest and more reps to torch more calories and get a bigger energy boost.
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