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At-Home Workout Equipment Essentials

By February 15, 2022 No Comments

If you’re anything like me, I love peeping into others’ homes, feeling the vibe, seeing the little things that make a house their home. 

Maybe that’s why I spend way too much time scrolling— and drooling in the Houzz app! (To me, this app is way more interesting than Facebook!)

So when I hear the question, “Coach C, what does your workout space look like?”, I’m honored to share so that you can get a glimpse into my world that inspires me, and maybe it’ll inspire you!

The most important element to ANY workout space— it needs to feel inspirational! 

FUN FACT: I don’t like gyms! Go figure… A personal trainer and fitness enthusiast. I just don’t like the gym vibe or feel. #Toomanymeatheads #smelly

I find most inspo from nature so when it’s over 55 degrees, I’m outside streaming and taking advantage of fresh air workouts!

FUN FACT #2: I’ve been live-streaming with clients on Zoom since March 21, 2020! #thanksCovid #howhasitbeen2years

It has taken me over a year to put my indoor studio together and make it feel authentic and motivational to me. Of course then, I had to add a “window to the outdoors” to my basement room.

This peaceful wall mural of the outdoors makes a world of difference at 6am. I love seeing my dedicated mom clients on the big screen and see the sunlight streaming through my “window”— regardless of time of day!


Perhaps like you, I’m immediately transported back to a special time and place when I see or smell certain items. Kind of like smelling grandma’s perfume, the memories of my “Yaya” and I spending time crafting, picking flowers, or just being… bring a great big smile to my face. 

My finisher medals have that same effect for me. The medals and frames were in storage in our townhouse for more than a decade. It fills me with pure joy to proudly display them in my new home studio.

FUN FACT #3: I have every bib and finisher medal for every race I ever completed: 2 Ironman triathlons, 13 half Ironman triathlons, 3 marathons, and lots of road races— all before my boys were born! 

🏅 And now my 10-year old boys and their friends think it’s pretty cool that I completed these events! #leadingbyexample #winning


If you noticed the writing on the wall (no pun intended!)… these words serve as my guidepost— and our guideposts inside Active Moms’ Club. (Yes, I’m a loyal follower of Brene Brown’s work!)

As moms, we deserve more compassion and grace for ourselves. 

❤️ AMC’s mission is to bring connection to other like-minded mamas. 

🥰 Every mom in our Club is seen and heard without judgment. 

💯 It’s a place where you can be authentic and supported. 

🙋🏼‍♀️ It’s the place to discover the right exercise routine so that you feel less achy, have more energy and finally have the body confidence that you yearn for. 

So let me circle back around to that initial question, “Coach C, what does your workout space look like, and what equipment do you recommend for at-home workouts?”. 


If you have only one piece of equipment, I’d highly recommend investing $20 in a black foam roller. Yep. A foam roller is more critical than a pair of weights!

Mobility and flexibility is a priority for overall fitness and as a necessary base to build strength. (AMC now has live-streaming mobility and foam rolling sessions!)

  • Next on the list, a set of 9 or 12” mini bands. These bands are incredibly versatile, don’t take up much space and BONUS, you can travel with them! We use bands in just about every AMC workout.
  • After you acquire the items above, begin to build your weight collection. Start with SETS of light hand weights:  3#, 5# and 8# are ideal. 

In AMC, we use light weights with high reps to build a strong foundation of movement patterns. 

  • After ideal movement patterns are mastered, then we move into heavier weights —this is where your greatest strength gains can be discovered. 

It does not matter if heavy weights are in the form of a kettlebell or dumbbell. I have a collection of kettlebells because I’m certified as a Russian Kettlebell Specialist. I’m passionate about kettlebells and can teach clients how to use KB properly. With that said, I teach clients how to use any form of weight to execute the exercises we use in training.

  • My clients have dumbbells or a combination of dumbbells and kettlebells at home. 
  • Start your heavy weight collection with ONE: 15#, 20# and/or 25# weights. It’s not necessary to have a pair of each, one weight will suffice. As you get stronger, you can add more to your collection.

The best part of AMC’s workouts… you actually don’t need weights, you can get a heart-pounding, full-body workout using just your body weight! (Like we did this morning in AMC’s 20-minute HIIT class! Eight beautiful mamas made themselves a priority at 6am to join me for a full-body workout!)

If you feel stuck and ready to discover the right exercise routine, try out your first class or training session for FREE. The best fitness plan is the one where you take action.


xoxo, ~Coach Cassandra