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Intentional Workouts. When YouTube fitness videos don’t work for you anymore…

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When YouTube fitness videos don't work for you anymore...

I have been doing a lot of Apple fitness videos, but what I found is that they are not intentional enough.

If I do more than two HIIT workouts a week, it’s too much for my body and if I pick a strength workout…

…well, they don’t feel focused, I’m just randomly picking videos.

🧐 Can you relate to my client, Mollie?

“I don’t want to take the time to plan my workouts… this is a barrier that I’m not going to remove. I’d rather spend my time working out. 💯

And as I get older, I’m realizing I can’t do YouTube videos anymore.

…It was like I turned 40 and thought, “yeah, yeah, this fifth decade is fine”.

…And then between 41 to 42, I gained seven pounds and now when I don’t do something right, I get hurt.

It’s frustrating.

What I’m realizing is I need more intentionality with my workouts. My shoulder finally feels better because I took three weeks off of lifting anything— including my kids.

I need to get back into an intentional exercise routine and Active Moms’ Club is the answer for me.

AMC live-streaming classes are well thought out and occur for me at ideal times.

Ultimately the Fit & Fab sessions are a purposeful component of a program and not my random stab at lifting more weights because I keep reading that weights are an imperative part of staying more active and healthy as I age.

The combination of AMC classes will help me structure my workout routine.

This is what I know I need.

Plus I like the accountability of showing up for a live-streaming class. There is no one “waiting for me” when I turn on a random Apple Fitness video.

💪🏻 Coach C is like my own personal trainer.

Can you relate to any part of Mollie’s story…

…needing an intentional exercise routine?

…noticing your body responds differently with each passing year?

…peri-menopausal weight gain?

The struggles are real.

xoxo, Coach Cassandra

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