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My Favorite 10-Minute Workout to Torch Body Fat

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As a mom we are pressed for time. The good news—studies show a mini workout session provides physical and emotional benefits. With just 10-minutes a day you can break a sweat, rev up your heart rate and blast some body fat. By the end of the week you’ll have more activity that you may have not done otherwise. #winning!
This customizable ‘stacker’ exercise has become our Fit & Fab moms’ favorite finisher. The intensity builds and with each set. You’ll need a stop watch to complete 5 exercises in 30 second intervals (10 minutes):
  1. SQUATS (optional, hold a 5-15 pound weight) or SWINGS (if you have Kettlebells)
  2. PUSH-UPS (modified from knees, or from toes)
  3. LUNGES (any variety: side, back, front, or curtsy lunges)
  4. PLANK (any variety: forearm, high hand plank, or side plank)
  5. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS (modify if needed to reduce impact, step/walk feet in & out rather than hopping), or DOUBLE JUMP SQUATS (as seen in video)
Here’s how these exercises will stack:
  • complete 30 seconds of squats or swings, then rest for 30 seconds
  • complete 30 seconds of squats or swings and go right into 30 seconds of push-ups; then rest for 30 seconds
  • complete 30 seconds of squats or swings, 30 seconds of push-ups, 30 seconds of lunges; then rest for 30 seconds
  • complete 30 seconds of squats or swings, push-ups, lunges, and a plank; then rest for 30 seconds
  • complete 30 seconds of squats or swings, push-ups, lunges, plank, and mountain climbers or double jump squats. Congratulations. You just finished a 10 minute workout!
This workout is totally customizable with any exercise, add more exercises for more time. Pregnant mamas could also do this workout–I suggest to move at a pace comfortable to your current fitness level and stage of pregnancy. If needed take a 60 second rest between last few stacks.
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