Fitness Tips

Pump It Up!

By July 24, 2012 No Comments

When is the last time you pumped air into your tires – on your jogging stroller or your bicycle? I regularly see moms who attend our stroller fitness class with under inflated tires on their jogger. It really can hamper your walk or run and cause you to expend more energy than necessary.

All you need is an air pump to fill your tires. Don’t have one? On your next outing pull into your local full-service gas station and ask the attendant for help to fill your tires.

Every inflatable tire has markings on the tire itself for air pressure recommendation. This image above if from our Bob Revolution jogger. The maximum air pressure = 30PSI. It’s helpful if you have a air gauge to fill to capacity, otherwise give the tire a squeeze, if it’s firm your tire has adequate air. Enjoy your walk, ride or run!