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Sports Bra – How To Find A Perfect Fit

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T-Bird Sports Bra_athleta

A great sports bra can be hard to find, but it’s an essential part of your fitness routine. The right bra will minimize movement and protect breast tissue, the wrong one can torpedo a good workout. Statistics show that 60 – 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. If you are pregnant or a recent mother your body has seen changes in weight and breast size. If it’s been more than six months since your last sports bra purchase, or if you do not own a sports bra, it’s time for a new one.

There are a lot of sports bra styles and options but it can be challenging to find the right one for you. Bra sizes fit differently on brand, style and your body type – it might take several tries to find what works for you.

Here are a few helpful tips to consider for your purchase:

  • A sports bra should be tighter than your lingerie bra.
  • Try on several styles and do a few exercises to mimic activities you plan to do (jumping jacks, running in place, arm circles). See how each garment moves and feels. If you have to adjust the bra during these activities, it might not be the right fit.
  • Look for breathable, synthetic fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin and give a gentle supportive stretch. Additionally, they will help minimize chafing.
  • Stay away from sports bras with ‘decorations’. Zippers, buckles, and other fasteners can chafe. Exceptions are fasteners that are kept away from the skin with fabric panels.

There are basically two types of sports bras: the pullover, or compression (think “uniboob”), and the encapsulated or back clasp.

  • Pullover bras are best for A and B cups, for use in both low- and high- impact activities. Larger cup sizes should only use pullover bras for low-impact exercise (yoga or spinning).
    Seamless Glow Bra Athleta

    Seamless Glow Bra Athleta
    Image credit to Athleta

  • Encapsulated or back clasp bras generally come in C, D, and DD cups from 32-44. They surround, and compress to limit motion. They typically have adjustable shoulder straps.
    T-Bird Sports Bra_athleta

    T-Bird Sports Bra
    Image credit to Athleta

Active Moms’ Club is proud to be partnered with Athleta, and Fleet Feet Sports Chicago. Visit one of their store locations and ask a specialist to help find the best sports bra fit for you.

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