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Workouts Made Simple: How To Leverage 20-Minutes To Get Results

By March 11, 2022 March 15th, 2022 No Comments
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You would never guess this…

I used to believe that a 60-minute workout was a mere warm-up. 

…the roar of the crowds lined 2-3 people deep cheering your name, cow bells ringing in glee to usher you through to the finish line.

It feels like yesterday when I competed in endurance events.

The countless hours of beautiful, free time that I once had for myself… ya know, BC (before children) when I had autonomy of my schedule…

Not so much today.

Reality check in 2022— living in a global pandemic for 2 years, working from home, raising twin 10-year old boys, I chuckle at the thought of a 60-minute workout. #amirite

What busy mom has time for that on a regular basis? Not me.

Yet, most people assume that a quality, sweaty-good workout has to be a 45-60 minute commitment.

But what if I told you 20 minutes is all you need to complete an impactful workout?

— that’s exactly what I’m telling you!

I uncovered a magical formula to exercise SMARTER to get optimal results!

I now bring that simple formula to my clients in Active Moms’ Club!

The power of the shorter workout is in the sequencing of the exercises. It’s a total body workout with a steady state of movement while sprinkling in moments to create greater challenge. 

It’s a beautiful balancing act. Just when you think you’ve had enough, you’re done!  Just this morning, my clients yelped with excitement, “Wow, that went quick. That was a fun circuit.” You don’t bored, or lose focus with these workouts.

I like to call them the “in & out” workout.

Alyssa, mom of three, who first joined the class confessed, “I’m truly conceptualizing that 20 minutes can be a game changer.” 

Pre-covid Alyssa had been going to the gym regularly and putting her youngest in the gym’s childcare. “Thanks to AMC, this is the first time I’m actually seeing results. I’m working SMARTER and I’m working out LESS!”

It’s transformative how a 20 minute workout can change your whole mentality— just like it has for me and the 29 mamas who completed AMC’s Virtual Fitness Challenge 2021. (To be sure, this wildly successful Challenge will return in May 2022, stay tuned for details!)

If you’re like most, having to make yet another decision and THINK about what to do your workout, usually results in not doing one at all.

These short, simple workouts take the brain-work out of exercise.

When Katie started with AMC, she realized that every time she exercised, she’s taking a step in the right direction. 

And guess what— Katie HATED exercising before she was introduced to AMC’s HIIT workouts!

“Now I feel like I can do this. I CAN exercise for 20 minutes and it’s having an effect on my body. In just a couple of weeks I can already feel myself getting stronger. I might huff and puff and parts of me jiggle, but that’s so much less of a barrier for me now than it was years before. Honestly, this is the first time in my life that exercise actually makes me feel better.”

20-minute HIIT workouts also changed Lisa’s perspective on exercise when she participated in AMC’s fitness challenge. She no longer sees exercise through an all-or-nothing lens. 

Rather than thinking that I can’t keep up with the class, so why bother, I think that I did my best and got my butt kicked…in a good way. Progress, not perfection.

“I feel proud of myself when I finish a workout,” says the mom of FOUR! “Once I show up and finish the workout, I am always happy that I did. I have realized that exercising a couple of times a week has been a good model for all my kids too. My 1½ year old was doing the exercises with me today.#leadingbyexample

Katie and Lisa aren’t the only ones whose perspectives have changed. So many of the other moms I work with say the shorter workouts have been a game-changer for them:

I was talking myself out of coming to the workout as work started to get crazy, but then said ‘Nope — it’s 20 minutes. The world won’t fall apart in 20 minutes!’ –Allison S., full-time working mom of 2

Doing just 20-minute workouts during the workday has made me feel much better, more fit and more focused! It really shows that consistency over quantity counts. — Alison, full-time working mom of 2

I’m genuinely surprised at how the 20-minute duration is already changing how I think about exercising on a daily basis. I’m grateful for this program and for the accountability. –Lizzie, mom of 3

I feel more mentally durable, I have greater patience, and I don’t overthink taking time for myself. That feels like a big leap for me. –Leah, full-time working mom of 2

Besides the ease of shorter workouts, moms are loving the HIIT classes (via Zoom) just for the simple benefit of being able to do them from home. 

There’s no factoring in childcare, or extra time to commute to the gym— kids see mom exercising! #modelinghealthyliving 

My new workout format is simple and proven that 20-minute is all you need to get results— and just like Katie experienced, you don’t even have to like exercise! 

Want to experience a transformative 20-minute HIIT workout for yourself? 

All fitness levels are welcome, no equipment needed! Plus, your first live-streaming class is FREE. Once you click through AMC’s schedule, pick a day and time that works for you and redeem your free introductory session.