Menopause Transition

From Your Postpartum Pro to Your Menopause Mentor

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Your Menopause Coaching Specialist Cassandra Hawkinson

Fifteen years ago I was inspired to create a fitness community for expecting and new moms which led to the beautiful birth of Active Moms’ Club in 2008…

…three years before my twin boys were born!  

AMC was truly my first baby. 

At the time, pre- and postnatal fitness classes were unique and sought-after in Chicago. As a new mom I was at the helm of supporting women through their postpartum journey. 

Fast forward to 2023, I continue to serve moms in their fitness journey. These days most of my clients are in their 40’s and have kids in elementary and middle school. 

I’m 52 years-young with energetic 7th graders! 😱 #moodswingsarerealinmyhouse

And guess what…

…most of my clients are entering the menopause transition with its unsuspecting side-effects (whether they know it or not)!

I felt like I was on top of the world when I hit my sixth decade in January 2022. (I even posted about it here.) 

…and then, things went backward and sideways all at once: 

  • my joints started to ache
  • I felt uninspired
  • weight slowly crept around my midsection
  • I always felt tired 🥱
  • simple injuries lingered longer, 
  • and my ears… ringing non-stop 👂

At the time, it didn’t dawn on me that these symptoms are common when hormone levels begin to decline. (Newsflash— there are no less than THREE dozen symptoms from declining estrogen/progesterone levels)!

Over the last year, I’ve become my greatest advocate to learn everything possible about the perimenopausal transition and how it affects a woman’s body. 

And because I’ve been vocal about my struggles, my clients are sharing their challenges, especially as it relates to body composition changes.

If this feels relatable, know that you are not alone. 

My journey has led me to pursue a certification as a Menopause Coaching Specialist.

I’m gaining a greater understanding of the science behind the changes 🤯 and have uncovered new fitness, nutrition and stress management strategies that are helping me manage my symptoms and feel more like my “normal self”. 


…I’m talking small shifts in exercise, dialing in nutrition timing, and allowing myself more recovery. (The complete opposite of what most women think!) 

I bring these new strategies and framework to my clients to help women over 40 manage their menopause symptoms so that they feel more confident and can unlock their healthiest, strongest body. 

In my next blog post I’ll be pulling back the curtain on the signs and the science behind the perimenopause transition (we need more people talking about this!)

For now, tell me → are you also in this same transition? 

Drop me an email ( and tell me “Yes, this is me!”, “No, not there yet!”, or “Hmm, Cassandra, I’m not sure.”

Xoxo, Coach C~