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A Celebration of Life

By August 20, 2012 No Comments

My life as a mom of twin boys has been an incredible journey this past year. Apple and Blueberry, aptly nicked named for “baby A” and “baby B” in medical lingo, were welcomed into the world with great anticipation and fear 367 days ago. I have never known love to be so deep, sudden and unconditional.

Their one year celebration of life was a labor of love. Not only am I a fitness enthusiast, I am also a craft enthusiast. I LOVE to create. And what better to do with “all of my free time” but to make decorations, tee shirts, hats, and a birthday banner! (Yes, I am also that mom who has their baby albums up to date and digital images that are actually printed.)

Our celebration theme: Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss’s “Cat in the Hat”.

The hats are my favorite – inspired from one I saw at an overpriced party store. I made all our hats for under $10! Surprisingly the boys were so captivated with everyone singing happy birthday, they wore their hats long enough for pictures.

Apple LOVED his cake but was more intrigued with the flame on the candle.

Blueberry was not into his cake as much as his brother, however he thoroughly enjoyed the attention. Blueberry is also a big ham.

Apple’s cake and all that glorious frosting did end up on the floor. He put both hands underneath the plate and flipped it up faster than we could blink.

My boys loved all of the attention this weekend. We loved having family and friends over to help us celebrate their healthy year of life. I could not have survived the year without their love and support. I look forward to every new day that lies ahead for us. And I know tomorrow will be a day we go out for a morning run to burn off birthday cake calories!

I love you Apple and Blueberry!