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Learning to Let Go – Lessons from Little Ones

By June 26, 2013 No Comments
Supera Park Chicago Park District

I will fully admit I am a Type-A personality and have small issue with control. Well ok, maybe it’s more than a small issue, but it’s no surprise to those who know me well. As I enter my second year of parenthood, I have found that I’m learning more about myself than I ever thought possible. The boys are teaching me that it is really okay to let go of some control.

Last week I had a childcare ‘issue’. Our new sitter just started in June and she mentioned she was going on vacation and would not be available for a week. Immediately I thought, “oh shoot, what am I going to do without childcare”. I tried to negotiate my client and class schedule, but it still left one day that I definitely needed childcare. I asked previous sitters who knew the boys to help. I asked my friend, and mother-in-law to help, but no one was available. I wanted someone the boys were familiar with to come into our home, and I didn’t think that was an unreasonable request.

When I mentioned my predicament to my husband, he kindly reminded me this is why we pay kgrace childcare a monthly fee to assign us a sitter when situations like this arise.  “But, none of our kgrace sitters we have previously used are available.” Again, he gently reminded me this is why we pay for their service. “Right”. I had no alternative, so I bit the bullet and asked kgrace to assign us a brand new sitter for one day. Gulp. This was me losing control.

The day had arrived and I was a little anxious. The new sitter, Kristin arrived 10 minutes early. She was sweet, energetic, ready, able and willing to do everything I asked of her. I told the boys all morning that Kristin was coming to play with them and momma had to go to work. The boys happily got into their wagon, kissed me and said “bu-bye”, and Kristin wheeled them away to the park. Five hours later I had returned. Kristin said the morning went great; the boys played in the sandbox for an hour, ate a hearty lunch, happily climbed upstairs for stories and naptime, and were still sleeping soundly. She had the kitchen cleaned up and had a detailed, written report waiting for me on the counter. She said they boys were an “absolute joy, and I am a very lucky mom.” I couldn’t agree more but, to hear it, melted my heart.

Supera Park Chicago Park District

Enjoying their morning in the sandbox

Admittedly I felt a bit silly after she left. I took a deep breath and smiled. What was I expecting her to say, ‘the morning was a complete disaster’? And even if she did say that, what could I have done about it? Nothing. The boys will be fine in anyone’s loving arms. Why, oh why, did I waste so much time and energy trying to control a childcare situation that didn’t need be controlled? Lesson. Learned. Last week my joyful boys taught me that it is okay to let go of some control, and will continue to do so.

What have you learned from your child(ren)? Share with us one of your parenting anecdotes.