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Morning Run

By June 28, 2012 No Comments

Today is my first blog post! I’m excited to share my experiences – the good AND the bad ­– as a mom of twins, business owner and fitness enthusiast. Perhaps my stories will bring a smile to your face, give you assurance that you are not alone, or motivate you to be more active with your family. Join me for the journey!

This morning I went for a run along the lakefront with my boys. The ‘beach’ front run is therapy to me, especially when the skies are bright and the air is warm.  I can tackle any day with ease when I get my exercise. (Well ok, the days can get a little tough around 5:30pm…) As I ran past the great expanse of quiet sandy beach alongside the North Avenue boat house, I was struck by an image. I noticed the row of white lifeguard boats neatly organized side by side in the middle of the beach. Typically when you see this popular image, it’s usually one lonely boat resting on top of the sand. The image in my head triggered a thought, and the reality of how a new mother can feel completely isolated, like that one lonely boat sitting on a great big beach.

I am a new mom. My twin boys are 10.5 months old. Because of AMC, I am surrounded daily by my peers. I feel accepted and supported.  I am not the lonely boat but rather a segment of the chain of boats sitting side-by-side on the beach. My passion for fitness inspired me to create a fitness club unique for new and expecting moms. The Active Moms’ Club is my first baby, turning four years old in October. It is only now, as a new mom, can I truly appreciate what I do for a living and how very fortunate I am to be in a community of my peers. Thank you AMC moms, past and present, for being a part of my life!