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Part 3– I Followed A Nutrition Plan for 60-Days. Here’s What Happened

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For the last two weeks I’ve shared with you why I decided to hire a fellow colleague and trainer to help me take the guess work out of my food choices. What she gave to me was much more valuable than any nutrition plan, (read initial post here, and  part 2 here). And now my clients want to know how I’ve been faring…


I started my nutrition plan on April 28. My ‘perceived set’ body weight was 133 pounds and the percentage of body fat as recorded on my home scale hovered at 27%. Within four weeks of following the nutrition plan my weight dropped to 128 pounds! A solid five pound weight loss by changing what I ate, when I ate, and how much I ate. Weighing in under 130 is a HUGE deal for me; it usually took a weekly running volume of 15-25 miles to achieve and maintain this weight. I always thought I needed to run to maintain a lower number on the scale! I now know different. This is unchartered territory for me!

*Note, the only change in my workout is that I added a consistent third weight training session each week. The main variable that was altered in this eight week period was my nutrition and more consistent water intake.


Aside from the weight loss, what was more powerful to me were the caliper and circumference measurements. In the first four weeks I lost 1.0” from my waist AND hips. My right thigh which has always been oddly larger, reduced in circumference by 1.25”! I also feel a difference in the texture of my skin, it’s more supple. Personally I think I look a couple of years younger! This skin texture difference may very well be from the fish oil supplements I have been taking daily since May 1.


I was a little surprised to see the measurements continue to change as much as they did for the last four weeks. With any journey, I had my ups and downs with staying on track. We had guests in town, we ate out more than usual, and let’s be honest, I was completely altering the way I ate. Initially it was a real challenge. I did the best I could with my nutrition choices when we were out, trying to stay the path, and course correcting as soon as possible—and it all paid off. There was less weight loss in June, but my body mass continued to change. The body fat percentage on my home scale June 19 was 23.0%, down 4% since when I started!

I lost 7 pounds of body fat and gained 1 pound of lean muscle mass in eight weeks following may nutrition plan.

If you asked me 15 years ago–even 5 years ago, what was the least favorite part of my body—my answer would have been a swift and resounding answer…THIGHS. I have never liked my legs, for as long as I could remember. I actually have contemplated liposuction because I thought that I was doing everything possible to reshape them; everything but re-haul my nutrition. I LIKE my legs now. My thighs don’t rub together anymore when I walk. There is actually a small gap between my thighs when I stand. I’m so impressed!


I have enjoyed every step in this process. I have a new found identity. I have changed my eating habits and frankly, I did not anticipate the physical and emotional changes to happen so quickly. It was a lot of work at the beginning, and I’m grateful to have the full support from my husband who helps with meal preparation and shopping—it makes a world of difference. To think I was ‘just’ looking to reduce my body fat and hone in more control. What I received is far more valuable than a nutrition plan. I now know that if (when) I find myself slipping away from my new eating habits, I KNOW I have the tools to be re-routed. I have my own GPS—and I know it works.


Do I still follow my nutrition plan?  Yes and no. I know the macronutrients (protein:fat:carbs) and the portions that I need to eat for each meal and I follow that closely during the week with liberties when we eat out, or are out of town. I don’t always weigh my food, I know how to eye-ball portions pretty well now. I definitely continue to eat timely—every 2-3 hours to keep my metabolism fed—and drink plenty of water.

Do I eat desserts, pizza and ice cream?  Yep. I’ve had an ice cream cone once a week for the last few weeks. I do love my chocolate too. I’ve had a couple of over-consumption moments lately and I’m tackling those emotions when they come up. The difference now is that I have the tools to re-route; to not feel guilty when I overeat, and accept that I had a moment and move on.

Is it a lot of work to meal prep for me and rest of family. Yes. My husband usually cooks a few days worth of protein at the beginning of the week for him and I. I tend to return to the grocery store once or twice a week to stock up on greens or buy more prepared protein when time is limited to cook. In the beginning it was a lot more work because it was a new routine, but we’ve got a groove going now and it’s just the new norm. I’d like to say my boys eat what we eat at dinner time, but we’re not that family. At least one boy gets a different meal because he dislikes any sort of animal protein.

Are you still seeing changes in your body? Yes. I’ve lost two more pounds since June (125 pounds today!) and I’m not really ‘trying’ to lose more weight, I just have new eating habits. I’m a little in disbelief. I re-weigh myself in the mornings because I think the scale is broken. I cannot remember a time in the last decade when I weighed 125. To be honest it doesn’t feel like effort right now. I’m eating smarter, working out smarter and continue to get stronger.

Do I drink wine and beer?  Yes, but it has always been in moderation. I’m not a big wine drinker, one glass makes me tipsy. I do enjoy my beer though. I tend to drink 2-3 beers over the weekend in the summer.

Do I ever overindulge and eat too much?  It’s happened a few times. I’m more aware of my actions and try to figure out why I’m really overeating. I eat out of emotion—we all do. If I can label the emotion, I’m more apt to do a re-route. (And the re-route may not happen at the moment I’m overeating, but rather a day or week later. It’s a process.)

Do I feel like I’m denying myself? Nope, not one bit. If I’m really craving something I’ll eat it.

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