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Toddlers. What, already?

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Toddlers holding hands with mom

My twin boys, W and H, are 19-months old. Their development in the past six months is nothing short of amazing. They are three inches taller, learned to walk and now run everywhere, and babble emphatically. The boys touch body parts on command and love to turn in circles when asked. They complete simple tasks, like helping mom put clothes in the washer or placing their dirty sippy cups in the sink.

Toddler helping mom

Mom’s little helper

Their growth is emotional, too. They blow kisses to everyone they encounter. Most touchingly, W and H show empathy toward each another, such as when H tries to soothe W’s cries by offering a prized toy. Beyond parallel play, they’re starting to enjoy playing together. The boys make each other laugh by playing peek-a-boo and wrestling. Their laughter is so infectious that it fills my heart with happiness.

Peggy Notebaert Museum Chicago

They both love playing in water

My favorite part of toddlerhood is the boys’ ability to walk short distances. As a mom of twins, it is a time-consuming effort to leave the house when more than a stroller is required, (we walked everywhere!) Before their first birthday, I could count on one hand how many times I put them in their car seat carriers, loaded them into the car, drove to a destination, unloaded the stroller, etc. It didn’t happen much.

Now, driving to a destination is much easier. After we get out of the car, I ask them to hold my hands, and we walk together. I don’t need the stroller for some trips (which can add easily add 5-15 minutes to any trip!). While walking to the door of Bubbles Academy or Trader Joe’s may take longer, the boys enjoy their feeling of independence, being mobile, and walking alongside mom. One of my favorite moments came last week when I asked H to hold W’s hand… they reached for each other’s hand simultaneously and walked together. It’s these little moments that fill my heart, makes me appreciate the gifts I have, and helps me to live in the moment.

Toddlers holding hands with mom

My little boys. Priceless.

What are your favorite toddler moments? Share your thoughts below.

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