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Warning Motivation Inside!

By February 22, 2023 No Comments

January is a time of new beginnings: healthier eating, more regular workouts, detoxes, resolutions, saving money, and ________ (fill in your blank).

I’ve never been a fan of resolutions. 

I tried the word of the year once… by February I totally forgot what my word was?!

Back in November a fellow coach planted the idea of a 30 day personal behavioral challenge, (or you could call it a self-experimentation, trial, daily practice…)  

I was intrigued by this 30 day thing…

…especially when I heard other coaches’ share their past behavior experimentations, like:

  • Cooking a new recipe from one cookbook for 30 days, 
  • eating only raw foods, 
  • Meditating every morning, 

Sure, I host an annual 30-day Fitness Challenge in the spring for clients… but this 30 day trial presented itself differently. 

This is more personalized to a specific behavior that I was looking to adapt for 30 days.

And 30 days is doable… not too long, but long enough to be a challenge to do “the thing” for 30 days.

My first challenge — to land on a specific behavior that inspired me to want to experiment with.  

I kicked around a few ideas. 

What resonated is the idea of manipulating my nutrition– eating a specific number of macros each day, and adding more specific strength training.

Success, as I shared with MY nutrition coach, will be consistency: to hit total daily calories (specific grams of protein) and plan more strategic strength workouts for 30 days.

To be clear, I’m not looking for weight loss but rather body recomposition— a toner, leaner, stronger body. 

Having just turned 51, I feel this is a fitting and timely experiment to transform my perimenapausal body.

(What else is there to do in the slog of winter?)

And here’s what I know as a fitness expert and nutrition coach… 


This experiment will yield the CONSISTENCY of the process.

Perhaps like you, I tend to eat a little more on the weekend. My workouts are regular but are not necessarily strategic to incur specific strength results. 

I have an idea of how many calories I need to eat to “maintain” my weight. 

This experiment will force me to be hyper focused on my nutrition choices and strength training sessions — seeking 90+% CONSISTENCY for 30 days.

So this week I kicked off my 30 day self experimentation.

I’ll be sharing what I uncover, observe, notice, like, dislike, the types of foods I’m eating and my workouts so you can learn as I learn.

Oh, and of course I threw down this 30-day challenge to my AMC mamas! 

They’ve come up with their own challenge and we’ll be cheering each other on along the way.

Our camaraderie and community is the greatest gift of Active Moms’ Club.

xoxo, Coach Cassandra

P.S. Want to learn more about how my 30 day experiment unraveled… read part 2 here.