You + These 3 Nutrition Tips = 💃🏻

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Does this sound familiar?

You wake up tired,  your kids are having a morning too.

You’re hungry— or the clock is telling you it’s time to eat.

You want something that’s easy to make and tastes straight up delicious. Yep, you’re staring at the golden box of frozen waffles on the top shelf of the freezer… oh, and you can already smell the toasted aroma …

I’ve had a couple of those mornings lately.

But here’s the thing…

…you know those waffles aren’t going to satiate you and you know you could do better.

3 Things To Help You Eat Smarter Starting Now

(Or tomorrow… I get you, mama, sometimes a little mental prep is necessary!)


Yep, start with the basics. It’s not enough to say, “I will eat healthy today.” Plan your meals and snacks like you do for your child and stick to it. 

Start small, focus on just one meal… breakfast.

Inside my 21-Days To Better Nutrition course, you get access to weekly live-streaming coaching sessions to get simple, proven steps to eat better, that’s as effortless as watching another episode of Ted Lasso.  

Consistency is the goal.

Planning and eating a little bit better everyday is casting a vote for yourself — ✅ you ARE healthy and fit. This is you building the habit of mindful eating.

For example, here’s my intentions:

Today I plan to eat Skyr yogurt (protein packed!) with fresh berries and a few almonds for breakfast. My goal is to have a lean protein source for breakfast most days this week. ✔️

Do this planning— every day— for breakfast, for the next 7 days. 💯


Nutrition has to be all-or-nothing

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to eat “perfect” today, but is that just the Monica Geller in you needing to AVOID ALL sugar, flour or fast foods but then what happens next week?

My client Tanya found herself in this familiar cycle, “Every Monday I decide that this is “THE week”. I eat clean, healthy foods for three days, and then I’m starving and bored with my choices. So then I overeat all my favorite, delicious foods on the weekend and the cycle starts again on Monday.”

Giving yourself “small steps” is the CRUCIAL part of building the habit of better eating. 

PRO TIP: Small, CONSISTENT changes in your diet can support ANY nutrition goals… including fat loss and muscle gains. 

One simple thing you can do right now?

Ditch the “all-or-nothing” and perfectionism mentality and eat 1% better today. 

For example, see tip #1 or #3. 🥰


You can read all the nutrition tips (you’re still reading this, thank you!) and talk your best game about eating better for your health and to fit comfortably in your jeans. 

Talking and reading will not get you results. #Toughlove 

It’s time to take action.

One of my favorite questions to clients, “How’s that working for ya?”.

If what you’re doing now is not giving you the results that you desire, something’s gotta change.

Here’s what you can do right now to help you get closer to the healthier, fit, lean woman you want to be.

Put down that cookie in your hand and pick up a juicy, crisp apple instead (… it is the season!)

Check out my PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION infographic for more simple tips to help you transform your diet, one (manageable) step at a time.

👀 This is an example of how to make food choices on the continuum that we tackle in my Nutrition Course coming this October. #accountability #simplesteps

You got this mama, happy mindful eating!

XO Coach Cassandra

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P.P.S. The next time you do eat a cookie. Smell the aroma. Take a bite and chew it slowly, let the flavors melt in your mouth. Taste it. I mean really taste it. Enjoy it slowly, mindfully.