7 Ways to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

By December 1, 2020 No Comments

Have you ever woken up on January 1st a bit disappointed in how you treated your body during the holiday season?

Come on, be honest!

Without a plan in hand, it’s really tough to stick to your healthy living goals with all the eggnog and sugar cookies floating around, not to mention the food pushers and saboteurs lurking in the shadows.

Enter the holiday season with a bagful of tips and tricks…

Don’t Skip Meals.

It’s tempting to skip meals when you know you have a party to go to or a holiday dinner. But this is the worst thing you can do. Eat lighter meals throughout the day if you want to save some calories for later.

Bring a Healthy Dish.

The surefire way to guarantee you have healthy food, is to bring it yourself. (I’m known in my family as the salad mama… my family knows that I will always bring naked greens, build-your-own-dressing-nuts-cheese-on-the-side salad.) Your host will appreciate it too.

Pass on the “Good” Foods.

Don’t indulge unless it’s mind-blowingly good. So if you take a bite of something and the reality of the taste doesn’t meet your expectations, stop eating it. There’s no reason to spend your calories on something that’s only “good”.

Drink Wisely.

All those fancy cocktails and spiked egg nog contain a ton of calories and will add up quickly! Avoid cocktails with creams, sugar and other calorie busters. Alternate between water and your adult beverage to save more calories.

Plan Seconds.

It’s okay to indulge moderately, but be very selective about what deserves a second portion. Don’t make a duplicate of the first. The only thing that should be stuffed is the turkey!

Ignore the Guilt Servings.

You’re an adult, so act like one. Nobody can guilt you into eating anything. Your health and your wishes are more important than someone who is forcing food upon you. It’s not rude to politely decline.

Move it, Love it, Rest it. 

As always, be sure to incorporate intentional movement into your day. Practice self-care, love your body, and give it plenty of rest. Lack of sleep leads to really poor food choices.

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