Beyond the Basics: Demystifying Collagen and Whey Protein Powders

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collagen versus whey

Last week I shared with you science-based research about CREATINE and its benefits beyond muscle gains and performance.

(👉🏻 Hint, it may help with mood and for those who struggle with depression and anxiety).

While brunching during AMC’s retreat weekend, Marie, one of my loyal clients asked a great question…

🧐 What’s the difference between collagen peptide powder and whey protein powder?

collagen peptides versus whey protein

Ah, good one… Maybe you’re asking that too?

Both are a protein source.

BUT, they do serve different purposes.


  • Derived from animal connective tissues, it’s rich in collagen types I, II, and III. Making it high in glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, which are vital for skin, hair, and joint health.

💯 It’s like the superhero for your connective tissues. Plus it’s easily digestible and beneficial for gut health.


✅ Marie has been taking collagen in capsule form (because she finds it quicker and mindless to grab in the mornings) and does claim she sees and feels a difference in her nails and hair.

✅ Personally, I do not use collagen peptides regularly but we do have the powder form stocked in our pantry. My husband uses one scoop in his morning oatmeal.

✅ Olivia and Cathy, both are my nutrition coaching clients use one scoop of collagen powder in their morning coffee. (It does change the viscosity of the coffee, but it doesn’t bother them.)
So let’s talk about whey protein and how it is different than collagen:


  • Extracted from milk during cheese production, it’s a complete protein containing ALL essential amino acids; particularly high in leucine, crucial for muscle protein synthesis.

💯 Whey protein is rapidly absorbed, making it ideal for post-workout recovery WHEY is your muscle-building sidekick, helping with muscle repair and growth.


✅ I do use whey protein as a supplement most days of the week. I use it to increase my protein intake. It’s an easy grab-n-go shake after workouts when I’m tight on time, or it’s an afternoon mini-meal while I’m the “mom taxi”. (I bet you can relate!).

I enjoy the clean, non-chalky  taste of Thorne whey protein powder or Jocko Molk whey protein powder (vanilla and chocolate flavors). All powders are not created equal. These are my two favorite vetted brands.

✅ My client Molly uses protein powder to boost her protein intake for weight loss. She preps a “chocolate pudding” in the morning and brings it to work.

❤ Molly’s recipe: one container of fat-free or 2% plain Greek yogurt + one scoop of Thorne chocolate powder + 1 tsp of chocolate flavor pudding mix. I can attest, it’s delicious.  

So to summarize, it’s like comparing apples and oranges when talking about collagen peptides and whey protein powders – both great, but for different reasons.

It depends on what your health goals are – glowing skin and joint support, or building muscle, or weight loss… or all three.
xoxo, Coach Cassandra

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