Protein Hacks: How to Easily Add More Protein to Your Meals

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I’m bored with my food choices lately…

I know I need to eat more protein but I don’t know what foods to add to my plate. 

👆 Do any of these statements resonate with you?

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions after I shared my most popular blog sequence, “The Secret to Protein”. If you didn’t read it, the “secret” might surprise you.   

For my clients who are working on increasing their protein intake (and that’s 99% of them), there are three practical strategies to use:

  1. Include protein where you usually don’t (e.g. high carb breakfast or snacks)

  2. Increase the serving size where you already have protein

    (e.g. three egg scramble, not one egg scramble).

Another strategy I like to use…

  1. Incorporate protein-rich foods into your side dish.

One of my favorite ways of doing that is a bean / legume salad or quinoa served as a side to the main protein source (chicken, beef, eggs). 

I like shelled edamame + corn + chopped tomato → topped with grilled chicken…  

Or another favorite quinoa + chopped greens + roasted veggies → grilled pork tenderloin or roasted salmon

(This has been one of go-to meals for the last few weeks and varies based on what’s already in the fridge and what my taste buds are hankering: quinoa made with bone broth + 4% cottage cheese + sautéed onion + chopped greens + nutritional yeast sprinkled on top + Trader Joe’s Elote seasoning + spritz of Extra Virgin Olive Oil → grilled chicken.)

… these are extremely high protein content meals.


→ add beans to your eggs or mashed potatoes.

→ Mix cottage cheese into your pasta

→ Add cottage cheese into your scrambled eggs (game changer for creaminess!)

→ Use a bean pasta (e.g. lentil, chickpea or edamame) instead of wheat pasta


→ Add a scoop of protein powder or collagen peptides in yogurt or oatmeal. 

Collagen peptides are a great option if you are seeking an alternative protein powder that is not whey based. I use both types as they have different nutritional properties. 

My current favorite brand of whey protein powder is Jocko Molk. It has a clean flavor and is lightly sweetened with monk fruit making it very palatable to shake with water and ice for a quick hit of protein after a strength training workout.


Use 0-2% Greek yogurt instead of sour cream

Upgrade your yogurt. There are many new ultra pasteurized yogurts on the market shelves; like this Pro Oikos Greek Yogurt.

Protein packed Oikos Greek Yogurt

→ Experiment with nutritional yeast — sprinkle on eggs or veggies for a “cheesy” flavor (along with protein, nutritional yeast is high in B6, B12 and folic acid)


→ Use bone broth to cook pasta, quinoa or rice instead of water or veggie stock 

→ Add mashed black beans to taco beef

Try out one of these practical ideas to effortlessly boost your daily protein intake without the fuss.

xoxo, ~Cassandra

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