Parenthood – How To

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Sharp Mama Dara Chicago

There is not a day that goes by that I wonder “am I doing this right”? Am I being the best parent I can be? I know I’m not alone, parenting is a reoccurring topic of conversation in Active Moms’ Club classes. Most parents and parents-to-be have similar fears; from the most basic, “how do I change a diaper”, to the not-so-basic, “how and when can I get my child to sleep through the night”?

I find the volume of parenting books to be overwhelming, and am a little apprehensive about some of the information floating around on the internet. Who do you trust, and what advice do you follow? Yes, parenting is trial and error. There is practical and comprehensive education out there, and if you are a Chicago parent let me introduce you to a new parenting resource – Sharp Mamas. They can guide you through each stage of becoming a parent – from planning your nursery to baby care basics and beyond, way beyond!

Sharp Mamas can help instill confidence and give you the tools to be the best parent you can be. Here’s just a sample of their upcoming workshops.

July 16Natural Pain Management and Comfort Measures During Labor & Delivery

July 20Infant Care Basics Workshop

Check out Sharp Mama’s calendar to see all of their upcoming events and workshops. Need customized education? They have you covered for that too, give them a ring for assistance.

As an AMC mom enjoy an exclusive 20% discount off of any Sharp Mamas class or service. Use discount code AMC20 at registration.