Workouts tailored to meet your needs and your schedule

Whether you’re expecting or trying to lose that after baby belly, Coach Cassandra will work with you one-on-one to find the best exercise program to meet your specific fitness goals. After working with prenatal and postnatal women for over a decade, she is intimately familiar with the common physical issues associated with pregnancy, labor and your body after baby.

AMC can also provide references for highly regarded physical therapists specializing in women’s health if needed.


Easier delivery and faster recovery are just some of the benefits a pregnancy exercise program can provide for you and your baby. AMC’s prenatal personal training program focuses on core strength and pelvic floor stability with workouts that are safe and effective throughout all stages of pregnancy. (All pregnant participants must obtain a clearance from their healthcare provider prior to beginning an exercise program).


Love your body after baby and regain your strength by collaborating with Coach Cassandra to establish realistic weight goals and expectations. Exercise after pregnancy will improve your fitness level and self-confidence, whether you are six weeks or six years postpartum. (Participants must be at least 6-weeks postpartum. Those who are less than 6 months postpartum must obtain a clearance from their healthcare provider.)


Hourly Rate: $105 [hc-hmw snippet=”Individual-Personal-Training-1-Hour”] Package of 5 sessions: $475 [hc-hmw snippet=”Individual-Personal-Training-5-Sessions”] Package of 10 sessions: $900 [hc-hmw snippet=”Individual-Personal-Training-10-Sessions”] *Please note, any unused training sessions in a package will expire after SIX months.

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